Magento 2 sitemap – How to configure?

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Creating and configuring your magento 2 sitemap is a great way to make sure your magento 2 website’s seo is in place. It also helps search engines crawler to crawl your site in a more efficient way. Creating and configuring your sitemap is the number one thing to do when you start your magento 2 site.

  1. Set the frequency and priority for categories and products-
    • Go to Admin panel ->Stores->Settings->configuration->catalog->XML sitemap->Categories options
    • Under frequency select Daily or Always (depending upon your requirement)
    • Under priority choose a number between 0 and 1
    • Open product options and set frequency and priority.
    • Add images to sitemap- Choose All ( if you don’t want images in the sitemap choose none)
    • Do the same for CMS pages and choose SAVE Config.
  2. Generation settings-
    • Under XML Sitemap->Go to sitemap File limits-Enter the max number of URLs you want per file.
    • Set the max file size.
  3. Search engine submission settings-
    • Under search engine submission settings-> Enable submission to robots.txt to yes.
    • Save config

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