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The technology giant Google is popular throughout the world without a speck of doubt. Talking specifically about South Korea, this search engine has surpassed all other search engines in terms of popularity.

The Internet users use Google for searching web pages, images, videos, maps, news, and the list is endless. You can ask any local citizen of South Korea about his daily activity on the Internet and you will not get a statement from him that does not mention Google.

                            Korean Search Engine

This popularity can be simply attributed to the fact that the search result pages obtained are busier than Google’s. Also, the result pages are filled with many relevant images.

News, sports, lifestyle, politics, finance, etc contains the text in Korean along with the images from the Chosun Ilbo. Naver is the first web portal that makes searching on the web quite easily. As per the New York Times, it is better than the popular Google and Yahoo.


NAVER Search Engine

 It is a known fact that the market share of search engines in South Korea is based over 10 billion. Korean image search engine will only take this present search engine graph and features to even greater heights.

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Google is the most popular search engine in South Korea, accounting for …
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Answers · Groups · Mobile · More · Weather · Politics · Tech · Shopping …Contains the full-text in Korean (with images) of articles from the Chosun Ilbo, the
most … This renowned search engine and portal service in Korea is offering … Debunking the Korean Search Engine Market Share in 2017 …. Image: Naver
Keyword Tool vs Google Keyword Planner Interface. For each of … Crowd’s wisdom helps South Korean search engine beat Google and Yahoo
from the New York Times describes South Korea’s most popular … Its combined search engine lets you find web pages, images … Naver is the
South Korea’s first web portal that allows searching for web, …This graph shows the market share of search engines in South Korea based on
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Account · Assistant · Search · Maps · YouTube · Play · News · Gmail · Contacts.

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