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To your 2nd question: "How can I differentiate between select events that are
triggered by keyboard with the ones triggered by mouse?".
dear all, i am using JQuery UI v1.11.0 my autocomplete is working fine, except
this case : when i click on a menu item, "select" event is never …
jquery autocomplete select mouse click
… using a modified version of William Niu's answer on another related post –
jQuery UI autocomplete select event not working with mouse click.
Menu triggers a select-event on mouseclick, while Autocomplete starts a timeout
… It looks like the problem is in jquery.ui.autocomplete.js in the widget.
5- The most unusual issue here is why I am using select: , after mouse click on
suggested list, it don't convert that into tag, I have to do an extra …
An extremely lightweight completion suggester plugin for jQuery that is used in
production on … · Add click to event for selecting, 4 years
ago … Fixed incorrect selection by mouse when suggestions are scrolled down.
It is already discussed "What is AutoComplete feature of jQueryUI" in one … to-
add-font-awesome-progress-icon-in-textbox-for-autocompletejquery-ui-plugin …
Here, we are not yet selecting option, just placing mouse over the …
Finally I found the solution, it was with the _doPostBack function. It should be
removed and then handled with help of two functions: • $('input[id^=' + controlID +
Read the tutorial and learn how to one of the best jquery autocomplete plugin. …
When you click on one of the items, it redirects you to selected page. If you want
to use this …. onMouseOverEvent, Mouse over one of items on suggestion list.
An element can lose focus via keyboard commands, such as the Tab key, or by
mouse clicks elsewhere on the page. For example, consider the HTML: …

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