Improving the Online Shopping Experience through Product Pinning

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Online shopping is increasingly competitive, with businesses utilizing various tactics to attract and retain customers. Product pinning is an effective merchandising strategy that eCommerce retailers can leverage to enhance the customer experience and boost sales. By strategically highlighting select products, businesses can promote new items, best-sellers, seasonal offers, and more to optimize discovery and conversions.

What is Product Pinning?

Product pinning refers to showcasing specific merchandise in prominent locations on an eCommerce store’s website. Usually, retailers will “pin” new or featured items at the top of category pages, home pages, or search results to draw attention to them. The pinned products are visually set apart from other listings through tactics like enlarged images, distinctive design treatments, or placement in a highlighted module. This gives pinned merchandise premium visibility each time a customer browses those areas of the site.

Online stores commonly pin products that are new releases, top sellers, seasonal must-haves, or items with high profit margins. By positioning these strategically, businesses draw buyer focus to opportunities that can boost sales and support the overall business goals. Product pinning is a dynamic visual merchandising technique that complements other methods like targeted promotions and personalized recommendations. Used effectively, it enhances item discoverability without overwhelming customers.

Benefits of Product Pinning for Customers

For customers, product pinning streamlines the shopping experience in multiple ways. Pins showcase must-see deals and new options prominently upfront, saving buyers time searching individual category pages. Well-merchandised pins inspire browsing and discoveries through visually striking presentations of creative merchandise combinations. This engages customers and uncovers items they may have yet to notice but become interested in.

Online retailers build trust in their merchandising decisions by featuring customer-favourite and top-rated items through pinning. Seeing what other shoppers value reassures buyers and guides them towards options more likely to suit their needs. Pins can similarly draw attention to limited-time promotions and deals, fulfilling customers’ desire to make well-informed savings choices.

Overall, product pinning presents each customer with a personalized selection of must-know merchandise. It sparks discoveries through customized visual merchandising while streamlining the path to value purchases. When implemented strategically, pins enhance the shopping journey in an engaging yet non-intrusive manner.

Benefits for Online Retailers

Naturally, the strategies that optimize the customer experience also benefit retailers through boosted key performance indicators. Compared to unpinned items, prominently featured pins see:

  • Higher click-through rates as buyers are naturally drawn to prominent module placements
  • Increased time spent viewing pin details like images and descriptions
  • Reduced bounce rates since pins serve as entry points promoting further browsing
  • Higher conversion rates as users familiarize themselves with pinned offers

By drawing focused attention, pins become integral touchpoints for converting browsers into buyers. Dynamic pinning strategies updated in real-time based on best-selling or restocked products keep customers engaged with new discoveries, for many online retailers, product pinning increases return on ad spend. By pinning strategically chosen items, budgets spread visual merchandising efforts across more visitors in less time spent per customer. Retailers see higher lifetime value from pinned customers as their familiarity grows.

With the ability to test and optimize different pinning combinations through A/B testing, retailers also gain valuable insights into ever-evolving customer preferences. They refine long-term visual merchandising and conversion optimization strategies based on hard data. Comprehensive pinning thereby strengthens customer relationships and fuels business growth organically.

Implementing Effective Product Pinning

While the concept underpinning product pinning seems straightforward, optimally leveraging it across an online store requires resources and experience. Manual pinning methods quickly prove inefficient for larger catalogue sizes. Without automation, retailers struggle to dynamically update pinned items based on real-time triggers like product availability, top searches, or best-sellers lists.

A smart solution is working with expert search providers like Expertrec that offer tailored pinning automation and management features. Their algorithms analyze factors like user behavior patterns and purchase trends to suggest optimal pinning combinations updated constantly. Merchandisers gain simplified control over module placements, item sorting logic, and conditional triggers from one dashboard.

Expertrec’s Smart Pinning capability takes personalization a step further. It implements flexible rules to automatically adjust pins based on user attributes, for example, excluding out-of-stock items for a specific customer group. This prevents disappointing experiences from unavailable promotions. Advanced pinning ensures every shopper receives seamlessly optimized visual merchandising customized to their needs and interests.

Retailers can, therefore, prioritize product management and customer relationships, trusting Expertrec’s solutions to power fully dynamic and responsive site search and product discovery. With easy pinning setup and flexible controls, AI-powered recommendations, and testing suites, Expertrec streamlines pinning at scale. This lets businesses focus resources on new product development and demand generation instead of low-value manual site work.

Expertrec – The Intelligent Search Solution

To take full advantage of pinning’s benefits, businesses need an intelligent search service that brings structure and personalization to product discovery. Expertrec is a leading smart search provider developed to power commercial sites and marketplaces in specific industry verticals, including fashion, furniture, and more.

The platform analyzes individual visitor behaviour and session data to understand the intent and personal preferences. Expertrec then surfaces the most relevant results through dynamic sorting, filtering and automated pinning rules. Expertrec continuously improves search performance and recommendations based on collective insights by learning from each interaction.

By incorporating Expertrec’s intelligent search functionalities, online retailers achieve optimized product discovery, increased conversion rates and customer satisfaction through seamless shopping experiences. Visitors enjoy stress-free browsing that easily connects them with the most suitable options from a retailer’s extensive inventories for their unique needs. The results strengthen brand loyalty while driving sustainable incremental sales growth.


Whether highlighting new launches, top sellers, or seasonal assortments, product pinning brings numerous benefits for both customers and retailers. With strategic pinning powered by Expertrec’s advanced technology, stores can effortlessly direct shoppers to key merchandise guaranteed to spark interest. This elevated discovery enhances browsing and promotes unplanned spending while nurturing loyalty through repeated discovery. It can also streamline promotions and sales, helping stores boost margins.

Businesses gain prominent advertising space for their most profitable items without manual curation tedium. Expertrec’s pinning capabilities modernize assortment presentation to exceed shoppers’ mobile-first expectations and support customized targeting. With this strategic merchandising technique, stores profit more while simultaneously providing customers with a more enjoyable online shopping journey. To explore how Expertrec can empower your brand with effective product pinning solutions to improve both the customer and seller experience, contact us today. Our team of experts is ready to tailor a pinning strategy optimized for your specific objectives and inventory.

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