How to improve magento search results

How to improve magento search results

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Search traffic on any website converts the best. You can make simple configuration changes that can help improve your Magento search results. Also, as a bonus, here are the top search engines for Magento sites.

Magento panel changes:

  1. Analyze top search queries – Analyze searches on your site. In the Magento admin panel, go to Catalog>>search terms. improve magento search
  2. Use Google Analytics to monitor search queries- (detailed article here
    1. Go to Google Analytics home page.
    2. Click on Admin.
    3. Click on View Settings.
    4. Enable site search tracking.
    5. enter values as shown as in here, q for tracking queries, cat for tracking to improve magento search
  3. Add Synonyms: If none of your products have the word “mobile accessories”, Magento is going to retrieve irrelevant results. Add a synonym saying “headset”, “earphone”, “cases” are synonyms for the search keyword “mobile accessories”. Do this by going to
    • Catalog>>search terms>>edit>>synonym improve magento search
  4. Correct spelling errors:  Look for spelling errors and add synonyms to them.
  5. Set up URL Redirects: If ” men pants” is a top searched query and you think it is giving irrelevant results, you can send them to the category page – Home>>Men>>pants & denims by adding URL redirects. Go to Magento admin panel>>catalog>>Search terms>>(choose search query)>>edit improve magento search
  6. Reduce Attributes: Too many of these can slow down your search. Go to catalog>>attributes>>manage attributes. improve magento search
  7. Reduce unwanted entries in layered navigation: Choose filter “use in layered navigation” to yes and change the status to “No” for unwanted attributes.improve magento search Go to catalog>>attributes>>manage attributes.improve magento search
  8. Try changing search type:  Choose “full text” search.Go to System>>Configuration >> Catalog >> Catalog Search >> Search Type>> choose “full text”

improve magento search results

Using Magento search plugin-

  1. Boost categories-  If most people are searching for “iPhone” and if iPhone cases are coming on top, boost “category: mobile phone” over “category: cases and covers”. Use expertrec’s extension to do this with ease.improve magento search results
  2. Install search extensions- Install expertrec’s search extension.improve magento search results

Do let me if you know of more methods to improve the Magento search experience in the comments below.

Install expertrec magento site search


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