Site search is an important feature to help your website visitors find relevant content within your site . Having a good site search helps in also reducing your dependency on google ( users need not go back to google to search for content)  and hence this increases time spent on your site. Improving your wordpress site search is a good decision to take even if you are in the initial phases of setting up your site as it may prove very helpful in the long run.

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Here are steps to follow to improve your wordpress search-

  1. Set up google analytics site search tracking

    – You cant improve something that you cannot measure. As a first step, add google analytics to your site. If you have not added google analytics to your site, use this plugin . By default , Google analytics doesnt track your site search metrics. You have to tell google your site search query parameter. For most wordpress sites, the query parameter is “s”.

    • Go to your Google analytics dashboard->
    • Click Admin->
    • Go to  All website data->
    • Click view settings->
    • Enable Site search tracking on ->
    • Enter your query parameter ( if your search URL is, query parameter is s)
    • Enter your category parameter (if your search URL is, category parameter is cat)
    • Your website could have other custom parameters and based on the above logic you can accordingly enter your query parameters.
      improve wordpress search
  2. Implement a custom search engine

    – Create a custom search engine using expertrec .

  3. Enable search autocomplete

    The default wordpress search doesn’t come with a autocomplete function. Using expertrec’s custom search you can enable autocomplete. Go to Layout config-> search suggestion-> enable search suggestions.  improve wordpress searchimprove wordpress search

  4. Enables Images in search results- 

    Expertrec’s site search crawler automatically picks up the right image for a search result. You can enable or disable based on your liking by going to Layout config->images-> enable images.improve wordpress search

  5. Enable spell correct

    Expertrec wordpress search plugin adds spell correct features to your wordpress site by default across all plans. improve wordpress search

  6. Enable recent searches-

    Go to Layout config-> Recent searches and enable recent searches.improve wordpress search

  7. Enable facets in wordpress search results

    Facets and filters help users to quickly find the article / product they are looking for in minimal time. Go to search tuning-> Facets-> Enable facetsimprove wordpress search

  8. Assign search weights

    – Expertrec’s wordpress search engine comes up with the best search weights for your site. But if you want to tweak your search relevance, you can do so by going to Search tuning-> Search weights-> Assign weights by dragging and dropping. You can move up the url above the title if in case you want to give more weightage to the URL.improve wordpress search

  9. Enable PDF search and other doc formats- 

    Go to file types->And choose which types of file formats you want to show in your search results.improve wordpress search

  10. Improve look and feel of your wordpress search –

    • Input Box- Go to Look and feel-> Input box and here you can customize your search box’s look and feel without coding.
    • Search results page– Once an user presses enter, your search results page appears you can control this page’s look and feel as well 
    • WordPress pagination– You can also style wordpress pagination which helps users to toggle between pages. improve wordpress search
  11. Analyze search queries 

    Once you set up search tracking using google analytics, within a couple of days, you must be able to see top searches on your website. Analyze these searches for top searches. If you use expertrec’s wordpress search engine, your site analytics will be populated by default. You can find this report at  Behavior > Site Search > Search Termsimprove wordpress searchWith expertrec, you get more fine grained search analytics such as searches with no results, top search categories etc. What we are looking for is to find out common spelling errors, searches that don’t have a content match (for example people might be searching for “tech articles”

  12. Add Synonyms 

    Sometimes your website users might be searching for “cryptocurrency” in your search box and if you dont have any articles having the word “cryptocurrency”, you can add “bitcoin, etherium” as a synonym for cryptocurrency . You can go to search-> synonyms and do thisimprove wordpress search

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