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Blue Prism is a robotics process automation (RPA) tool which holds the capability of virtual workforce powered by software robots. It is used by businesses to automate their business processes in an agile and cost-effective way. Enterprises build integrations with the Blue Prism platform to automate their business operations. These integrations can be either inbound to Blue Prism or outbound from the platform.

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The business operations that are done using Excel VBA, such as calculating discount amounts during the sales season or estimating employee salary rate can be automated by sending signals to the Excel files using Blue Prism or other similar robotics automation software.

A visual basic object (VBO) acts as an adapter to the user interface of a particular application to automate the tasks to open a file, login to the enterprise ecosystem and, validate, simulate and run the scripts.

Example of an outbound integration: A Blue Prism VBO integrating with a web service to process an image using facial recognition or performing an image search VBO blue prism. Regex is a Blue Prism VBO that provides the ability to perform regular expression searches and be used in image search VBO blue prism.

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The only VBO’s provided on the portal via Home>Products >VBO are either …
VBO – Run Macro with Parallel Threads; Cyberark; Utility-Image Search … Go to
Import, search for the Blue Prism installation path and there will be …Automate Adding Image to Word Document; Copy Any File To Clipboard;
Customizable … Advanced Process Query / Search … API and VBO for Full
Contact.image search vbo blue prism This video will show you how to import Visual Business Objects (VBOs) in Blue
Prism. Regex is highly flexible and easy to use as a Blue Prism VBO. The VBO provides
the ability to perform regular expression searches, matches … Blue Prism VBO Cheat Sheet from ethanium. … Utility – Image Search. Find Image
. Find Image (all instances). Find Image (all instances, by one …If GetHandle() fails, it means the Excel instance described by the handle value
you’re passing doesn’t exist. Either use the same instance of the …A new Outlook Email VBO that extends email automation capabilities. Blue Prism
is delivering a new level of security and scalability as the first RPA platform to …Blue Prism is the pioneer and market leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA
) … Search Microsoft AppSource. SearchBlue Prism RPA is a scalable and
robust Intelligent Automation platform for … Solution Brief Description of Blue
Prism Microsoft Cognitive Services VBOs. selected image. detail page image
thumbnail … … package of Visual Business Objects (VBOs) and supporting documents. …
Visual Recognition API: Analyze images for scenes, objects, faces, … Use Blue Prism VBOs to call the K2 Workflow REST API to start or … Image.
Select the process to configure for web services and click Next.

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