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How to make money from / monetize Google custom search

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Having a lot of search volume on your google custom search? Here are simple control panel changes which will help in monetizing and make money from your Google custom search.

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Method 1 – Using the Google custom search control panel.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the custom search engine you created.
  3. Go to Setup-> Ads-> Get started with Google adsense
  4. Sign in to your Adsense account if you have one.make money google custom search
  5. If you dont have an adsense account, create one at You might also need to add code to your website. verification might take 1-2 days time.make money google custom search
  6. Once you are done creating your adsense account, Go to your custom search panel SETUP-> ADS section and click on  Click here to associate this Custom Search Engine with your AdSense account.make money google custom search
  7. Turn on search engine monetization. Now you will get a message saying account is associated with Adsense ID:make money google custom search
  8. Check your adsense account for custom search engine linking
    1. Go to your adsense account.
    2. Go to myads->Search-> custom search engines. Here you will be able to see a list of your monetized custom search engines.make money google custom search

That’s it. You have successfully monetized your google custom search.


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