4 Best Tips to Enhance User Experience in Magento

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Venturing into the eCommerce business requires you to prepare for the gross competition in the online industry. The number of people in online retailing has become so much that anyone not using Magento will be missing out in a large fold. Intensifying your user experience in Magento is now one of the prerequisites for generating a high conversion rate.

In this article, we will walk you through the four best tips to enhance user experience in Magento to rank top In the competition. Let’s begin.

What’s Magento?


Do you know that over two hundred thousand eCommerce sites use Magento? This is because of its outstanding features, including search engine optimization, catalog management tool, and marketing.

Magento is one of the best world-known e-commerce sites set up as an open-source technology. This is to enable online retailers on Magento to monitor their sales, control the functions of their online store, and, most especially, connect with their customers.

Magento isn’t only for big e-commerce businesses. It is designed for both large and small-scale online retailers. It helps users create the best eye-catching online store and helps with seller-to-customer connections.

Open Source Magento Vs. Enterprise Edition

Open-source Magento is mainly for smaller e-commerce companies. It is a free version. However, you would pay for web hosting, development, and other costs to maintain your site. If your business needs just low maintenance, open-source Magento is the best option for you.

The enterprise edition, on the other hand, is the premium version. It allows for exceptional features such as improved scalability, high security, and great performance. It is the best option and recommendation for big businesses.

Many eCommerce owners complain about its complexity. Though it allows its users to have stores in more than one language and currency, it lacks one basic thing: simplicity. Customers want a simple-to-navigate online website, which is a bit lagging in Magento if you do not know how to customize your users’ experience.

Hence, it is important to learn the user experience in Magento, so you always stand a higher chance of customers buying from your online store. The tips for these include;

Pros Of Magento

pros cons

  • It is flexible; it is modifiable to get the requirements we desire
  • It is used by a large community; a lot of people make use of Magento
  •  It is scalable
  •  It has unique features
  •  It is mobile-friendly; the mobile user experience in Magento is enhanced

Cons Of Magento

  • It isn’t easy to use
  • It is expensive
  • It contains only a few developers
  • It is time-consuming; it had a slow loading time
  • Hosting; only dedicated servers can be used to host Magento.

4 Effective Tips to Improve User Experience in Magento

1. SEO in Magento

Keyword research is generally important for everyone in e-commerce. Check out your successful competitor’s keywords so you can increase your conversion rate.

Add your social media links to your business page. Input your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Shorten your URL and make it search-friendly for better engine optimization results and a seamless user experience in Magento.

According to experts, it is also essential to avoid duplicate tags. You would want your website to stand out and not look duplicated, so it is important to use unique tags to get the best of the website visitors that you hope to become your customers.

2. Consider Mobile Users

mobile first experience

A lot of websites don’t work properly on mobile phones. It might perfectly work on your desktop and not on your mobile phone. So the way out is to test it to ensure it is actively working out for mobile users.

This will create more traffic from people using mobiles. If your websites seem to malfunction on mobile phones, create a mobile version separately. Also, it is not always guaranteed that a website will work on all mobile phones, so check that of iPhones and Android to compare.

Magento is a platform with so many capabilities, so embrace it, make access to your online store diverse, and make your website appreciate the user experience in Magento.

3. User Experience Navigation

When your website doesn’t navigate on time, visitors are more likely to get frustrated and leave your website for another website.

Your website visitors or customers should find your website’s navigation process stress-free. Always remember that the more user-friendly your website is, the longer visitors will likely stay and become customers.

If you want more visitors to come back and engage with your website, you must make the navigation easy and seamless.

If your website isn’t easy to navigate, you would be chasing them to other websites where they would find it easy to check out items and probably add to their carts.

4. Aesthetics in Magento UX

ecommerce themes

The secret about drawing your customer’s attention is by the first impression. What do we mean by the first impression? It is when you create the most appealing designs using the themes and aesthetics provided to you by Magento.

When your designs are attention-grabbing, it grants you the best user experience in Magento. It drives traffic to your brand, and ultimately, it boosts your sales.

Images are the basics of beautiful Ux designs. Be sure to lovely input images of your products and a product description. Describe your products and their effect, size, qualities, etc. You can use the resize option on Magento and perfect the scale of your pictures on your website.

Make sure the function for searching is easy to use and always obvious. Also, make your details and pricing noticed on every item.


As an online retailer, your goal is for every of your website visitors to have a reason to stay longer and purchase your product.

Therefore, if none of the methods listed above is on your list, you’re making your website difficult for visitors to stay on, thereby losing many customers.

For the best user experience in Magento, its user’s hands must be on deck with all commitment and hard work for the best results.


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