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Implement hook_block() , set up a custom submit handler in your form using $
form['#submit'] , and in your custom submit handler, set …
Just create a file search-block-form.tpl.php and put it inside your … used in the
theme's template.php file that will override Drupal's search form.
how to create custom search form in drupal 7
The BLOCK Search Form is the search form available through … Drupal 7. Add
the following code snippet to template.php in your theme and you can: …. t('
Search this site'); // Add a custom class to the search box // Set …
I'm not sure why you said the default search box is harder to theme. Drupal can
do theme override or form override as you like. If you google …
This info applies to Drupal 6 and 7. Description This guide describes how to
override the default SEARCH THEME FORM* layout when using …
In this webinar you'll learn how to create custom search pages using the core
Search module and Search API. – Search in Drupal 7 – What's …
Want to learn more about search in Drupal 7? … In the first tutorial, we created a
custom search page using just Views and a Search API … In the Advanced
section, click on the No link next to the “Exposed form in block” label.
This module alters the default search box in many ways. … search block like it did
with D6/7, it provides its own block(s) (like the Custom Search … Settings for the
results page are now set per search page, not global anymore.
If you need to create custom search pages in Drupal 7, more often than not, ….
permission and they'll have access to the advanced search form.
Drupal custom search. … Custom search forms with Views and Fastsearch … In
this article I show how to build a search form that has filters for …

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