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[Duckduckgo] | Add Duckduckgo search box to website

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Here are steps to add Duckduckgo  site search engine search to your website. Duckduckgo has a free internal website search engine that very few people know of. In this article, we will discuss how to add this search engine in your website.

add duckduckgo to website

Steps to add Duck Duck Go Search

  1. Go to
  2. Give width to your search box ( An ideal width is around 250 px ) the default is 480 px.
  3. Turn off the Duckduckgo logo.
  4. Give a background color. (Here is a complete list of color codes
  5. Under site search, enter the website you want to search. (example:
  6. Under prefill, enter the placeholder value ( default text inside the search box).
  7. Auto focus -turn on or off (on – means when someone visits your site, the cursor is by default in the search box).
  8. Now copy-paste the code to your website by placing it inside a div on pages where you want the search to appear.Duckduckgo search box for website
  9. The code might look something similar to this-
    <iframe src="" style="overflow:hidden;margin:0;padding:0;width:308px;height:40px;" frameborder="0"></iframe>


  10. That’s it – you have successfully added duckduckgo custom search to your site.Duckduckgo search box to website

Some drawbacks of this Duckduckgo custom search engine is that it contains ads and the search results are taken to Duckduckgo’s website which could lead to high bounce rate and affect your SEO rankings.

Create a premium custom search engine


Advantages of using DuckDuckGo Search

  1. Duckduckgo is free.
  2. Unlimited- Irrespective of how many users your site has, the search engine can handle it.

Disadvantages of  DuckDuckGo Search

  1. Duckduckgo has ads in search results. This could mean you could lose hard earned traffic to competitors.
  2. No UI editor- Duckduckgo has no inbuilt controls to edit the look and feel of the search engine. This means you will have to get into coding to make the search engine look in sync with your website.
  3. No control over what is crawled- Duckduckgo doesn’t give any controls over what is crawled and when it is crawled. So when you update any content on your website, it might take a pretty long time to reflect in your search results.

Expertrec- Overcoming disadvantages of  DuckDuckGo

You can overcome disadvantages of Duckduckgo by creating a custom search engine with Expertrec. It has zero ads in search results and also has a codeless UI editor that can help you match your website search engine to the look and feel of your website.  This comes at an affordable cost of $9 per month.

expertrec- duckduckgo alternative


Here are 5 easy steps to create a custom search engine with Expertrec

  1. Go to no code custom search creator.
  2. Sign in with your Gmail ID.
  3. Add your website and sitemap URL.
  4. Wait for crawl to create.
  5. Add code to your website from here and take live.code


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