Expertrec’s ecommerce search results page api is of the following format-

Here is a sample api call-

ecommerce search Api components-

  1. api_key– Can be obtained from your control panel (uniquely identifies your website).
  2. q-search query (example- apple)
  3. size– number of search results (example -15)
  4. page – pagination (example -0, 1, 2…10)
  5. fq– facet query (example- fq=category:”Apple”) the facet of filter the user clicks on.
  6. nf- numeric filter query( for price range filters. example- price:400-1000)
  7. sort-sort search results (example: score:desc (for descending (high to low) and score:asc (for ascending(high to low))

Have a look at for more details.

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