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Read Enable image search – Google Custom Search Help for more information.

Amidst all the new changes being made by Google, here is one more change that you should look forward to. Google now has decided to roll out a new layout or interface for the Google images.

Google Image SearchGoogle image search new layout will make you stay on Google’s results page while you will be shown the original image. Talking about the old layout, when you clicked on a particular image from a list of the image results, you were taken to the site where the image was found.

                             Google Image Search Full

But, now when you click on an image, you will be provided with an option to visit the page, view the image details, or view the original size of the image. This time, you will not be taken to the host website directly as before.

Every change has its good and bad effects. Similarly, many webmasters have also complained that the visits on Google image results have gone down. However, one major advantage of this change is that it will take less time to see a bigger version of an image when it is clicked.

 Click here to know about the features and Image Search, view this video: 

YouTube video

YouTube video

google image search new layout

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