Google Custom Search engine intranet

Google Custom Search engine intranet

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Read google custom search engine intranet for more information. Making an intranet search engine is a task in which a lot of solutions fall short. Google’s solution to this was their search appliance, which they have shut down now. That leaves us with attempting to build an intranet search engine using Google Custom custom search engine intranet The easiest way to get started with Google Custom Search is to create a basic search engine using the Control Panel. You can then download the engine’s XML files and modify them to add further customizations. But this method will fail if your intranet is protected by authentication or if it is not accessible via a public address.

Intranet search engine protected by authentication

If your intranet can be accessed publicly but is protected by authentication, then try out these methods:

  1. Signup using your google account for Expertrec custom search engine
  2. Enter the publicly accessible address.
  3. You have two ways to allow access to ExpertRec’s crawlers
    1. Whitelist the crawlers IPs
    2. Set up a username-password to authenticate the crawler
  4. Wait for the search to complete and your intranet search engine will be ready.


Build an intranet search engine

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