Elasticsearch Phpmyadmin

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Elasticsearch Phpmyadmin

ElasticSearch head can be considered a web front end. It is used for interacting with the ElasticSearch cluster and for browsing.

You can even sync ElasticSearch with MySQL to create a custom search for the website. Also, if you want to add one more layer of security, then you can enable Apache’s authentication. This needs to be done when you are accessing the phpMyAdmin.

phpMyAdmin ElasticSearch also makes you search the database entities. You can simply use the logstash to do the same.

There are also two very important tools called the ‘kofy plugin’ and the head plugin. Using both of these, you can make changes in the mappings and also run the rest queries. On the other hand, you can use the ElasticSearch phpMyAdmin to deploy to your target.



Remember that phpMyAdmin consists of a single file. Lastly, it is useful to know that you can even modify the script execution time of the phpMyAdmin.




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