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Optimize your Ecommerce website

In any eCommerce website, there is no one tool that is more important than the search bar that helps in sales. The real truth is that many eCommerce websites have been trying to get the secret sauce that drives great search experiences on Google. But hardly a few eCommerce websites (including Amazon) have been able to get their search to Google’s level. Statistics have shown a high correlation between people who search and people who buy. This gives a great reason to optimize your eCommerce search engine. To be concise, the search bar is the eye of an eCommerce website.
elasticsearch e commerce search

Appropriately designing the search function for an e-commerce site is essential for correctly retrieving items a user is looking for. Nowadays, Elasticsearch is one of the most interesting tools for implementing search functions.

Elasticsearch has the core features required for building powerful search applications, ranging from intranet to e-commerce site search. Using Elasticsearch for e-commerce sites can enable a high level of relevancy, flexibility, and specific search features that support retention and conversion.

For instance, Elasticsearch can be configured to provide key e-commerce site search features, such as auto-suggestions (or type-ahead, autocomplete query suggestions), spell correctionsynonymsfaceted searchresults paginationprice ranges, and more. But similar to many open source solutions, it requires tuning and appropriate setup in order to fulfill your business goals and user expectations.

The downside to building an Elasticsearch eCommerce Search is that there is a steep learning curve and building the search from scratch involves high developer costs. This is why it is often better to go with a turnkey solution like ExpertRec.

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