Laravel is widely used. Have your ever wondered which is the best search engine for Laravel? In this Article, we will look at the one of the best searh engines.

The discovery is attributed to the relational database used for product design in Laguna, where the data is spread across multiple tables – and data needs to be retrieved from these tables for successful retrieval of meaningful user information. Relational databases work relatively slowly when it comes to large data and search results through database queries. Understandably, businesses nowadays are looking for data storage options in the hope of promoting faster recovery.

There are some search engine for Laravel like : Elasticsearch, Solr, Sphinx.

Laravel Best Search Engine

ELASTIC SEARCH: ElasticSearch is a document-oriented database designed to store, retrieve, and manage document-oriented or semi-structured data. When you use ElasticSearch, you store data in a JSON document format. Then, you will ask them to retrieve the query.It is less than a schema, using some default in indexing the data unless mapping is provided according to your needs. ElasticSearch uses the Lucene standard and laser for automated type estimation and high precision. Each of ElasticSearch’s features opens up as a REST API:

Index API: Used to index contents.

Get the API: Document used to retrieve.

Search API: Used to submit your query and get results.

Drop Mapping API: Used to override default default choices and define mapping.

SerachBlox is a ElasticSearch’s Enterprise Solution

SearchBlox Architecture

You can also ask other questions based on your needs. Real-world projects require searching in different fields by applying certain conditions, different weights, recent documents, values   of some predefined fields, and so forth. All such complexity can be expressed by a single query. Query DSL is powerful and designed to handle real-world query complexity through a single query. ElasticSearch APIs are directly related to Lucene and use the same name as LucenAssession. Query DSL also uses Lucien TermQuery to execute it.

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