Best E-Commerce Category Page Examples to Boost Conversions

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Do you prefer to shop at a store where the layout is organized, and the things are clearly labeled? Or at the one where you are more likely to get lost? On eCommerce websites, category pages are a vital tool for conversion. They act as a link between your homepage and your product pages and are the foundation of your eCommerce website. Getting it right will boost conversions, establish your brand as authoritative, dependable, and distinctive, and impress new website visitors. So, you should correctly optimize them, just like you would with any other page on your eCommerce site.

Why do You Need to Improve Your Category Page?

Not everyone comes to your page with an exact idea of the thing they want. They browse through the category page and decide. That is why categories and subcategories are important. Suppose, you want to buy someone a gift but you don’t know what. You’ll check the category page and then choose the one you like. None takes interest in checking out all of your products.

The category page makes it easy for customers to shop for items and view all available product details in one location. This way numerous items to your cart can be added without visiting each product’s page individually. Users can compare items and costs across numerous categories, and then consider buying the best one suited for their occasion. Their convenience, your success!

Best E-commerce Category Page Examples

Every square inch of your Category Page counts towards success. Here is a selection of the top E-Commerce category pages that are both attractive visually and aesthetically that can help you improve yours.

Eton Shirts

Eton’s popularity is no joke, and one of the reasons for it is its user-friendly website design. The various clothing categories are listed in a small “Shop” tab at the top of the screen. In addition to general categories like “New Arrivals,” “Most Popular,” and “Essentials,” you may browse the shirts by occasion (evening shirts, day shirts), body fit, shirt style (dress shirts, casual shorts), and style (evening shirts, day shirts).

The organization clearly took great care when choosing the category breakdowns because each option is reasonably related to their core product- shirts. Even the subcategory titles, which concentrate on shirt styles and designs, are wonderful. The basic style of the website is complemented by the category page design. They use large, high-quality images as visual cues to direct website visitors to where they have landed.


Kohl’s website is quite simple to use at first glance. The various product categories are displayed as circular thumbnails. The category page of Kohl’s is created with their customers in mind. After giving customers immediate access to the things they require, it allows them to browse however they like. For instance, their “Bed & Bath” page features a simple layout. The first five categories are Bedding, Bath, Pillows, Mattress Pads and Toppers, and Blankets and Throws. These are all related to your bedroom and bathroom.


As you navigate down the page, bright, vivid photos of the various iPhones appear on your screen. This category page stands out from the others because of the “Which iPhone is right for you” section.

Since you obviously want to purchase an iPhone as you clicked on that particular product category, helping your clients select the ideal smartphone for their demands and price range is a great approach to keep them satisfied. So why not seize the opportunity to win over your customers even more? The product category page on Apple has additional graphic detail. It is user-friendly, appealing, and neat. Providing some eye candy while they learn more about the iPhone or other Apple products, can help keep customers interested.


The “New Arrivals” area on H&M’s website is special and effectively increases website traffic. This lets interested customers know about every new item the store has added since their latest visit. Other than this, the business follows the most essential best practices for category pages, like using high-quality photos, subdividing categories, and offering filters to speed up product search.

Due to all of these criteria, users may shop with few clicks. They won’t need to go through numerous pages to find new items. The business does an excellent job of classifying its products. ‘Offerings’, ‘Trending Now’, ‘Shop by Product’, and ‘Shop by Occasion’ are just a few of the sections you’ll find. Additionally, additional filters like size, pattern, and colour, among others, aid in further limiting your search.


The category pages on HP are all expertly created. For instance, their “Desktop Computer” category page displays a collage of desktop PCs and related items. Again, each image is of excellent quality and is accompanied by brief descriptions that explain its Cusps and potential applications.

It’s simple to browse through the products in a particular category. To ensure that customers can concentrate on what matters most, they have built subcategories within each category page. This allows customers to buy more efficiently. HP considers the viewpoint of its audience, and you ought to do the same. When creating your category pages, keep in mind how your target market would browse your website for products and what they would find appealing and work accordingly. Furniture for the Home

The well-known British home furnishings E-Commerce Category Page is recognized for its daring designs and web-to-store functionality. They have also provided context-related images so that you can fully immerse yourself in the goods, which makes it immediately clear that their aesthetic seamlessly integrate with the product page. 

Wrapping up 

It’s understandable why your product page needs to be outstanding. 55% of users spend less than 15 seconds on any given E-Commerce Category Page. Your products are the life of the business, but if none goes to the product page, it will be a waste.

Each second counts during the conversion process, as well as to your success. So making the medium of landing to the product page, the category page, smoother should be your priority.

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