Best AI WordPress Plugins for E-Commerce

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One of the most challenging tasks there is for a website owner is to try to maximize user engagement and keep them on your site for an extended time. Trying to navigate through a store with many product options can become frustrating if it takes too long for a customer to find what they are looking for. Creating a site that quickly offers relevant answers and products, will make for a positive user experience.

When a customer receives relevant results, they are likely to continue browsing for related products, thus keeping them on your site longer, and boosting your conversion rate. What is needed to create a positive user experience with quick navigation and relevant results? You will need a good AI WordPress Plugin, that offers all of the perks you will need to create a user-friendly store that is set to flourish.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence in ecommerce

AI stands for artificial intelligence which refers to a system or machine that performs at a level of human-like intelligence. The programming of AI focuses on 3 cognitive analytics: self-correction, learning, and reasoning. Through the use of extensive data and algorithms, AI is used to assist in our daily lives by making processes more efficient and accurate.

In some instances, AI can perform certain tasks better than humans. Tasks that tend to be detail-oriented and repetitive best suit AI. Lengthy numerical fields can fall victim to human error, while the assistance of AI will offer peak accuracy on their designated tasks.

What Makes a Good AI WordPress Plugin?

A good AI WordPress plugin should cater to both the customer in the form of interaction and also to the developer in the form of data. Rather than having a customer attempt to navigate your site on their own, features such as automatic recommendation of products or a smart assistant can make their browsing experiences much quicker, accurate and relevant. Providing resources that help customers quickly find exactly what they’re searching for, demonstrates the site’s desire to give them the best user experience possible, in hopes of creating recurring customers. As a developer, having access to accurate site data can make all the difference in how to go about improving your site.

What are Some of the Best AI WordPress Plugins?


Expertrec is especially unique compared to some other AI plugins because of how versatile it is. Expertrec is a search bar feature that loads in users’ search results extremely fast, resulting in happier customers and higher sales. Expertrec is extremely user-friendly and offers both text and voice search options as well as auto-correct for grammar issues when searching. Expertrec also does a great job of picking up on context clues and filtering out search results based on related words. This is especially great for people who either do not know how to find what they are searching for or people who aren’t entirely sure about what they want yet. Expertrec is truly a game-changer for online stores everywhere. Don’t believe it? Try our 14-day free trial and experience the difference for yourself!

Support Board

The Support Board plugin is designed to improve user experience in the form of exceptional customer communication. Through the Support Board chat system, site visitors can directly communicate with artificial-intelligence-driven bots to save time by receiving quick, accurate, and human-like answers to their most burning questions. The convenience of instantaneous customer support is bound to boost customer satisfaction and shows that the site prioritizes the visitor, and cares about their experience.

Some benefits that Support Board has to offer are 24/7 bot coverage, increased conversion rates, and a lightened workload for customer support agents. The bots can send attachments, surveys, media, and text, all for the benefit of the customer on the receiving end. The bots are easily trainable. They can take in and process new questions and answers in real-time, as well as learn to communicate multilingually.

Related Posts by Bibblio

Related Posts by Bibblio is an AI-powered platform that is designed to engage your site visitors and keep them browsing your page for a longer time. Bibblios quality AI suggests content across your site that is relevant to the specific site visitor. Using Bibblio’s advanced recommendation engine, visitors will be encouraged to navigate through their individually tailored suggested content. By showing customers products and information most relevant to them, they will remain engaged and it will keep them on your site for a longer period. Additionally, the suggested content will help improve site navigation. Just when a visitor thinks they have seen all that they need from your site, an eye-catching and engaging recommendation will bring back their attention and promote continuous browsing.


Wootomation is a free AI WordPress plugin that uses AI to suggest the best and most relevant results to site visitors, based on what they already have in their carts. When customers are making a purchase, they may forget to add a few necessary products to their cart. For example, if someone has a laptop in their cart, Wootomation would recommend a mouse, a mousepad, and a set of headphones. This light plugin also includes built-in up-selling/cross-sales through suggestions derived from previous data on what other customers had purchased as well. Suggesting up-sales/cross-sales will help drive additional sales on items customers may not have known that they needed. By bringing these products to customers’ attention, it will increase sales per transaction, and create an overall higher number of purchases. Wootomation also analyzes and processes all of your store sales to train the AI to be up to date with the most current site data.

WP AI Assistant by Loopus

WP AI Assistant allows site developers to easily create, program, and add an AI-powered assistant to your website in aid of visitors’ site experience. This smart assistant will offer words of advice on purchase options, send discussion history to site administration via email, and redirect customers to site pages specific to their needs and what they are looking for. This unique AI WordPress plugin creates effective assistance to customers and encourages further browsing. WP AI Assistant also has an advanced import/export system that can easily be backed up and transferred. Once the data gets transferred, you will regain access to the recovered data from previous discussions through the AI.


Trying to figure out what AI WordPress plugin to use can be a tedious process. However, the services they can apply will greatly benefit you, your site, and your customers in the long run. Quick navigation and relevant recommendations will keep your site visitors engaged, boost your conversion rate, and increase sales per transaction. The more effortless your visitors’ browsing experience is, the more likely they are to stay on your site for an extended amount of time.


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