Magento search not working properly. How to fix in 10 minutes!

Magento search not working properly. How to fix in 10 minutes!

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Magento is good at a lot of things, search is not one of those. Here are a few tips that can help in solving your magento search not working issue or if your magento search is not returning expected results.

  1. Reindex Magento Data -In your magento admin panel Go to  System > Configuration > Index Management> Select All> Reindex data> Submitmagento search not working
  2. Clear Magento cache– Go to System > Configuration > Cache Management and clear the cache.

                                    magento search not working how to fix

  3. Reduce the number of attributes to search for– In the admin panel go to Catalogue>Attributes> Manage Attributes, remove those attribute that you dont want to be searchable.

    magento search not working

  4. Change the type of search set in magento – Go to System > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog search. By default, the search “Like” is chosen.  Change this to “Combine”.  “Like” returns partial matches for the search query. “Full text” strictly restricts users to the exact search term and will not handle spelling errors.  Combine should work good in most cases, but experiment with both “full text” and “combine” and choose whichever type returns better search results for your store.magento search not working how to fix
  5. Use magento search extensions – You could use Expertrec’s search engine. Install the extension from this link . After installation, you could login to to fine tune search results from our control panel. The extension can be found on magento connect.

magento search not workingmagento search not working


  1. Reindex Magento Data.
  2. Clear Magento cache.
  3. Reduce the number for attributes to search for.
  4. Change the type of search set in magento.
  5. Use magento search extensions.- Link

By following these steps, you should be able to solve your magento search not working issue in both the search autocomplete and search listing pages in magento 1 series till magento 1.9.x. If you are not able to get your magento search working even after following these steps, drop an email to with subjectline – magento search not working or just fill the following form and we will get back.

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