Are Influencers actually helping eCommerce? Is it Worth It?

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Do you need to find clients while you launch your own business? If you are unsure what strategy you may use to boost your sales or let others know about your new business, let this article introduce you to eCommerce influencers. It might be just what you need right now.

What are eCommerce influencers?

There are many kinds of influencers. In basic terms, they are the people who can persuade other people, primarily those who like them, to do certain things or buy particular products. Influencers use various platforms such as social media or advertising ads.

ECommerce influencers focus on advertising products, a store, or a business. Other people hire them to increase their sales, which works. It is evident in the surveys where 92% of the interested customers got persuaded through recommendations. Moreover, these influencers not only tell their followers to buy the products they are endorsing but also tell their family and friends about it.

These eCommerce influencers have different ways to endorse the sponsor’s products depending on what will benefit them most. For example, if they are selling clothes, you might see the influencer wearing it on their Instagram account and tagging the business in captions. But if the influencers are more prominent on video platforms such as Youtube or Tiktok, they will most likely insert the promotion before or during their content.

Are eCommerce influencers worth it?

Think about this: 88.5% of those who have businesses or are in the market thinks that having eCommerce influencers benefits them. Meanwhile, because of the available resources in this modern generation, especially the internet, they are becoming more trusting of the people they follow rather than the traditional advertisement.

In traditional advertisement, they mostly use models or someone who will fit perfectly for the products that one is selling. However, it will seem surreal, and people will know that this endorsement is just a bandwagon, making them think that they will look as good as the ones in the picture. However, when businesses use influencers, they will sell the product effortlessly, just like sharing their experience with it. It is more believable to the consumers, who might even relate to it.

The eCommerce influencers can spread awareness instantly in different places, which is fantastic if you ship your products worldwide or have stores in other countries. And of course, these influencers will have friends who are the same as them and who might want to promote the products they are endorsing.

If you are planning on strategies that you may use to increase the number of visitors to your website or gain more customers to buy your product, this might be your key. It is proven effective, and the more followers the influencer has, the easier you can run your business with just one advertisement.

How to hire an eCommerce influencer?

First of all, you must know what your target audience is. The kind of influencer you want to hire will depend on what kind of products you sell or your business. For instance, if you sell toys, you probably want to have a kid who reviews toys. Many parents and kids will watch their content and have an idea about your products.

If you are unsure what kind of customers like your products since it might be broad, you may do surveys to those who visit your store. Knowing them is essential so you can connect to them and convey proper messages is critical. Since you know what will pique their interest, you will also have ideas on who will be the most effective eCommerce influencers.

And of course, if you know what kind of social media they are primarily active on, you may choose the right platforms to endorse your products. Choosing the place for your plan is vital since you can choose from many platforms. Think about whether your product is best to endorse in a picture or a video.

Now that you have worked out these details, it is time to search for influencers you may hire. You may dig into your current customers’ social media to know who they follow. However, if you have no idea who to get, you may search for those who are influential. There are many lists that you may look at when you search.

However, you should not wholly rely on your eCommerce influencers to boost your business’s sales. If your products are good, the influencers will endorse your product because you paid them and because they like your company. And so, even after the contract, they will keep promoting you to the ones they know and continue using your products. It happens, and they are genuinely happy to endorse the business to their followers.

What are the different types of influencers?

There are four types of eCommerce influencers that have different marketing strengths: nano, micro, macro, and celebrity. Nano influencers have no more than 10,000 followers and, thus, are cheaper to hire. It is the best choice if you are starting your business. However, when they grow their followers, they will become micro-influencers.

Micro-influencers ranges from 10,000 to 50,000 followers. If you choose among these kinds of influencers, you must choose those with high engagement rates or high rates of likes or hearts and comments. Macro-influencers have much more followers, with almost half a million. They are more expensive but rest assured that you will get customers from them.

Lastly, it is no surprise that celebrity influencers will surely cost you a lot of money for them to endorse your products to their million followers. Not all celebrity influencers are stars or actors, and some are famous for their businesses or a socialite. If you are ready for a significant change, it is time to hire one.


Now that you are well aware of e-commerce influencers and what they can do for your business, it is finally time to decide whether to hire one and what kind of influencer you choose. It will be worth it, and in no time, you will gain more customers.

For most influencers, especially those on TikTok, it is essential to make use of tools such as the TikTok engagement calculator to check and calculate how engaged and active your target audience is on that specific platform


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