If you are looking for an Algolia alternative, then you are at the right place. Expertrec is a great Algolia alternative with a ton of extra features that can help you deliver a ultra fast search experience on your store. There are more alternatives such as solr, elastic search, azure site search, amazon cloudsearch, sphinx and many more that you could have a look at. Here we will focus on the features of Expertrec and how it could help you deliver a super fast search experience on your site.

For more information, visit https://www.expertrec.com/algolia-alternative/

Algolia AlternativeThere are more alternatives such as solr, elastic search, indextank, amazon cloudsearch and searchify that you could look at. Here are some features that you might want to keep a checklist for in your search implementation.

  1. Instant search autocomplete.
  2. Speed-Less than 100ms end user latency.
  3. Search listing pages.
  4. Spell correct/ Typo tolerance.
  5. Faceting, filters and pagination
  6. Search analytics.
  7. Adding Synonyms.
  8. Multiple language support.
  9. Search ranking fine tuning.
  10. Personalized search results.
  11. Search as you type User Interface.
  12. Uptime.
  13. Price-(too costly ??). 
  14. Integration.

Here are detailed details that cover each of the above features in detail.

  1. Instant search autocomplete – Expertrec site search offers a great search autocomplete so that users find products in a jiffy. The autocomplete UI is fast and responsive across devices. Algolia alternative
  2. Speed- Here is the snapshot of the speed of search results as visible to the end user. This means that even if he is on a slow network, search results are going to be instant.( less than 85 ms in this snapshot). Server side response is less than 1 ms.algolia alternative
  3. Search listing pages- The pages that results after pressing enter is referred to as a Search listing page and it contains a list of products related to the search query where you can refine your search results, sort by price and  has pagination to make discovery a seamless process. Algolia alternative
  4. Spell correct/ Typo tolerance- Expertrec’s spell correct goes one step ahead of the existing solutions to learn from the user made spelling errors and corrects them in real time.algolia alternative
  5. Faceting, filters and pagination: When you add expertrec’s Javascript to your site, the search listing pages are created automatically with faceting, filters and pagination capabilites. No coding required from your side.algolia alternativealgolia alternative
  6. Search analytics- Search analytics is a great way to get into the minds of your users and take quick business decisions. Not only search analytics, but also deep insights into conversion rates and other business metrics.algolia alternativealgolia alternative
  7. Adding Synonyms- Easily add Unidirectional and Bi directional synonyms.algolia alternative
  8. Multiple Language support- Our search handles multiple languages beautifully. Here is an Arabic search engine built for one of our clients.Algolia alternative
  9. Search ranking fine tuning- Control panel to fine tune your search relevance for you to do A/B testing on conversion ratealgolia alternative
  10. Personalized search results- Using machine learning to build predictive models on your website’s users. Our system does continuous A/B tests and figure out which results to show a particular user in order to boost your site’s sales.
  11. Search as you type User Interface- This UI takes users directly to the search listing pages and gives a shorter call to action time.algolia alternative
  12. Uptime- We offer 99.99% Uptime SLA. Our dashboards come with uptime reports and you will notice that we never go down. In case if there is a downtime, we wont charge you for that month.
  13. Pricing- Our plans being at 9 USD per month and goes up depending on your site traffic. Fill the form below to get a custom quote for your site. We also have a free plan for small teams will smaller inventory sizes and traffic that comes with expertrec branding.
  14. Integrations-Our search works on all platforms (magento, shopify,volusion, bigcommerce etc..) .

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