xml vs html sitemap

XML vs HTML sitemap- which is better for seo

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Sitemap is a must have feature for every website. If you do not know what a sitemap is, have a look at this article https://blog.expertrec.com/what-are-sitemaps/

Here is google trends data on the difference in google searches for xml and html sitemaps.

Also as you can see xml sitemaps are searched for almost 3 times than html sitemaps

xml vs html sitemap

Mostly, there are two types of sitemaps, namely-

  1. HTML sitemap

  2. XML Sitemapxml sitemap

In this article, we will see which sitemap (HTML or XML) is better for seo and why.

According to google, you would need a sitemap for the following reasons

  1. If you have a large website and don’t want google’s search crawlers to miss certain pages from coming in search results.
  2. If your website is a new website and back links are not there.
  3. You want google to pick up rich media from your website to show in google search results.do i need a sitemap according to google

XML vs HTML sitemapshtml vs xml sitemap

XML sitemaps are built for search engine Crawlers Like Google, Yahoo,   Bing. XML sitemaps make it easier for search engine Crawlers to  crawl and index the pages mentioned in your sitemap

HTML sitemaps are built for humans so that they can navigate your website better.

XML sitemaps have more impact on SEO  than HTML site Maps. ( For example rich Snippets)

HTML sitemaps transfer good drank PageRank to  the pages mentioned in the site map whereas XML sitemaps do not transfer PageRank to the  links mentioned in the sitemap

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HTML site Maps cannot be updated automatically whereas  XML sitemaps can be updated automatically Easily.


Both XML and  HTML sitemap can be submitted Google bing and Yahoo webmasters.

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