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From time to time, as crazy as it seems, I come across a WordPress site that has
no search box. Sometimes it seems to be because the theme …
Do you want to improve your WordPress site search? Here are the 12 best
WordPress search plugins and tutorials to improve WordPress …
wordpress search site
Are you using the Business plan? In addition to the above
techniques, our Business …
A Search Page is a WordPress Page with a custom Page template to give users
more information for searching your site.
Did you know that the default WordPress search engine isn't really that efficient (
and awesome) like the rest of WordPress? Although search is …
To put it politely, search isn't an area where WordPress excels. When a user
types in a search request, the default WordPress search engine …
When you own a site, you need to put your content first and a good search
feature is one … How to add internal search to your WordPress site?
Description. Expertrec's WordPress search plugin replaces the standard
WordPress search widget and adds autocomplete, spell correct, PDF search,
image …
Do you want to learn what your visitors are looking for on your site? Then, you
need to enable site search tracking on your WordPress site.
Site Search 360 replaces your standard WordPress search by a fast and precise
on-site search on all your posts and pages. Site Search 360 is highly …

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