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Wordpress Search Results page – Build your own.

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How to build your own Wordpress search results. The default WordPress search results page is not that great and doesn’t offer much scope for customization. In this article, we will see how to create your own WordPress search results page and customize it.

wordpress search results

Create your WordPress search results page using expertrec

  1. Go to Wordpress search results page creator.
  2. Enter your WordPress site URL.
  3. Enter your Wordpress sitemap URL.
  4. Choose your nearest data center.
  5. Initiate a website crawl.
  6. Once the crawl completes, add code to your searchform.php file.
  7. You can also use the following plugin to create your WordPress search results page.

WP Fastest Site Search

Customizing your wordpress search results page

  1. In your control panel, visit https://cse.expertrec.com/csedashboard/looknfeel/basic/results to customize your search results page. wordpress search results
  2. Under Color Settings, you can edit the
    1. Search title color.
    2. Search Text color.
    3. URL text color.
    4. Search text highlight color.
  3. Under Size settings, you can customize the
    1. Search Title font.
    2. Snippet text size.
    3. URL font size.
  4. Under miscellaneous settings, you can
    1. Choose to show or hide the search URL.
    2. Show or hide the search snippet.
    3. Show or hide image with results.
    4. Specify the search results’ size.
    5. Choose what text to show when no search results are found.miscellaneous search settings
    6. Click on advanced for editing advanced search results page features.Wordpress Search settings


Add Custom Search to your Website

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