Wordpress Plugin Google Sitelinks Search Box

Wordpress Plugin Google Sitelinks Search Box

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Wondering how to add a wordpress plugin google sitelinks search box?wordpress plugin google sitelinks search box

WordPress plugin google sitelinks search box?

With Google sitelinks search box, people can reach your content more quickly from search results. Search users sometimes use navigational queries -typing in the brand name or URL of a known site- only to do a more detailed query once on that site. For example, suppose someone wants to find that video about the guilty dog on YouTube. They type YouTube, or you-tube, or youtube.com into Google Search, follow the link to YouTube, and then actually search for the dog video.

The site links search box removes that extra step: a query for youtube displays a site search box in the site links section, letting the user immediately search for that guilty dog video without having to click through to the site first.

WP fastest site search helps you add a sitelinks search box and taps into Google’s potential to drive traffic directly to the search page of your website. To get started, make sure to install and activate the plugin on your site.
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