wordpress login not working

Wordpress login not working! How to fix?

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If your WordPress login is not working, it could be due to this one of the following reasons.

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  1. Password reset is not working
  2. Issues due to cookies.
  3. An empty page appears or it throws a PHP error message.
  4. You are getting a 404 not found error.
  5. Wordpress URL redirects or page refreshes.

Wordpress login not working due to – Password reset is not working :
You can try to fix this issue by clicking on the “lost your password” link. You will be taken to a page wordpress login not working

Sometimes you might not get the password reset email. Now you have to edit your password manually.

Reset password by editing your database –

Before attempting this step- backup your wordpress website.

  • Login into your cpanel.
  • Go to database section.
  • Click on Phpmyadmin. wordpress login not working
  • Click on databases.wordpress login not working
  • Click on wordpress database.wordpress login not working
  • Click on wp_userswordpress login not working
  • Click on editwordpress login not working
  • Enter your new password in “user_pass” box, select md5 from function drop down list and click go.wordpress login not working

Reset your password using functions.php file

You will need ftp access to access this functions.php file.

Here are the steps-

  • login to your ftp accountwordpress login not working
  • Go to themes folder “xx/wp-content/themes/[your theme name]” wordpress login not working
  • Download functions.php
  • Delete the old password and enter your new passwordwordpress login not working
  • Upload this functions.php file to your FTP.wordpress login not working

Wordpress login not working due to cookies issues

Wordpress needs cookies to be enabled to work properly. Check if you browser cookies are enabled or not in your browser. If they are not enabled, then enable it. Press control+shift+delete to go to cookie settings in chrome browser and enable. After doing this, you can try to login to your wordpress account.wordpress login not working


Wordpress login not working when you are shown a blank page or a php error message is shown- 

Disable plugins using FTP– Since you dont have access to your admin panel, you will have to use FTP access to your site plugins and disable them. You can use filezilla FTP client to access your wordpress files.

Rename the plugins folder so that wordpress can no longer load the plugins. wordpress login not working

Remove your theme using FTP

Access your wordpress files using Filezilla or any other FTP client.

Filezilla will show site files and folders. locate the folder that has your wordpress files. Usually this is “public_html”wordpress login not working

Search for “wp_content”wordpress login not working

Open the themes folderwordpress login not working

Search for the themes folder and rename it . This will disable the themewordpress login not working

Now try login in to your admin panel . If you are able to login it means your current theme is the reason you are not able to login.

Wordpress login not working due to 404 not found error or url redirects or page refreshes- 

Disable .htcaccess files using ftp client-

Open the public_html folder wordpress login not working

Search for .htcaccess file and rename itwordpress login not working

Now try the login  again.

Change your site URL-

Access your site site using ftp. find the file containing your wordpress files (public_html)wordpress login not working

Find wp_config.php file. Right click and click on view/edit the file and open with any text editor of your choice.wordpress login not working

Click on view/editwordpress login not working

Add these two lines of code.



After saving the file wait for upload to complete.wordpress login not working

Now try login in after going to your new site URL.


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