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[WOO] | How to enable Woocommerce filters 2020

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When your WooCommerce store has many products, it might make it difficult for users to find products.

Product filters help your website users to find products easily by refining by price, reviews, tag, category, and more. In this article, we will see how to create a woocommerce product filter using expertrec.

woocommerce filter

Steps to create woocommerce filter

  1. Sign up at woocommerce filter creator.
  2. Choose your nearest data center.
  3. Enter your woocommerce product sitemap URL.
  4. Now the search engine crawler will begin crawling your website.
  5. Go to Crawl-> what to crawl-> SitemapCrawl-> what to crawl-> Sitemap and remove unnecessary sitemap URLs. Also, enable crawl only sitemap.
  6. Go to Install-> code and copy-paste the code to the head section of your woo-commerce website.
  7. You can now replace your existing woo-commerce search form with this.
  8. Inside your expertrec control panel, you can go to UI customization-> Facets and filters -> and enable filters.woocommerce filter
  9. This will create filters in your woocommerce search results pages.
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