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Video search engine reverse

Video reverse search engines like Videntifier and Berify are famous for searching for duplication of the videos and images. They help in identifying if the visual content is stolen or self-made. This type of search engines uses different algorithms to search for videos and images into their database by matching them frame by frame. You can also trace back the original video by inputting a heavily edited video.

Video Search Engine

Basically, these search engines prepare a huge collection of videos and image which can be used to compare the data given by the users. For instance, Videntifier has around a billion images and 100,000 hours of video content to be searched. Once the user inputs the content to be searched, the website algorithms trie to match each and every frame of the video by the user with the ones present in their database using some key characteristics and attributes. This attributes can be anything from a scene, to a small fragment of the frame. Once the frame is matched, results are shown to the users.

video search engine reverse

How Image mapping is done

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video search engine reverse

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