Top 3 Sales Strategies that You Must Practice

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People do business for sales. But unfortunately, not all people who chose to venture into business could generate sales successfully. Some of these businessmen, especially newbies, are having trouble generating sales. What is worse is that they ended up operating at a loss.

However, you can correct this through these top 3 sales strategies you must practice. After learning these strategies, your business will turn 360 degrees, with visible growth in both conversion and sales.

Top 3 eCommerce Sales Strategies that Increase Your Sales

You may use eCommerce sales strategies in hundreds and probably thousands of ways. However, the question is, are those methods proven and tested? Are those e-commerce sales strategies worth a try? And most importantly, can those e-commerce sales strategies convert shoppers into customers?

In business, being a risk-taker is significant. But, being a ‘risk-taker’ must be paired with logic and sound reasoning. Otherwise, your business might end up on the list of bankrupt companies.

To avoid this, you must learn the following eCommerce sales strategies:

  1. Discounting
  2. Promotion
  3. CRO-driven eCommerce Search Plugin

What is Discounting?

discount sale promo offer

Discounting in eCommerce sales is a strategy where a product is offered at a lesser price. You can see this in most retail stores where products are marketed with 5% up to 75% discounts offered for a limited time.

Among the three eCommerce sales strategies mentioned above, this one attracts more shoppers and buyers since it subtly creates an urgency to buy the product.

However, just like every good stuff, discounting has also its fair share of cons which includes the following:

Your business will be known as a discount brand.

You might think there is nothing wrong with people tagging your store as a discount brand. But most people don’t see shoppers and customers taking a break from patronizing your products and waiting for your store to offer discounts before they flock and buy the items they want.

Constant discount offers kill your profit.

There is nothing wrong with discounts but you need to be careful how much you offer and when to provide them. Some perfect times to offer discounts are during the 4th of July, Black Friday, Christmas Season, and New Year.

You need to do it occasionally and not every month or every quarter. If you opt to every month, ensure that you will only offer those products that are not selling at all.

Discounting is a band-aid solution.

You might get dazed and stunned by the number of sales you get from selling products at a discounted rate. Please, don’t. Offering discounts is one of those eCommerce sales strategies that serve as a temporary fix to a more extensive sales issue.

Once you stop offering discounts to prospective customers, you will realize how low your sales will be that it leaves only a thin line that saves your company from drowning in expenses and other costs.

Promotional Ideas That Can Organically Increase Your Sales

The second e-commerce sales strategy that you must master is selling by promotions. Do not mistake this with selling with discounts since selling by promotions uses different techniques to attract prospective buyers and other website visitors to purchase your products.

There are quite a few numbers of promotional ideas that you can use to be your eCommerce sales strategies. Below are some of the commonly used promotional ideas with a proven conversion and sales growth track.

Buy 1, Take 1

The Buy 1, Take 1, Buy 1, Get 1, or the BOGO program will always be a hit in the business world. These eCommerce sales strategies primarily looked like a great deal. It gives the website visitors and idea that they can get more at a lesser price.

Free Shipping

I’d say free shipping is one of the best eCommerce sales strategies that you can use for your website to generate more sales.

Shipping and handling fees are too costly in some areas. This hinders potential buyers from buying your products online since they will incur additional costs, which may be higher than how much they are paying.

Collaboration with Online Sellers

Don’t think this eCommerce sales strategy will kill your business because collaborating with other online sellers can help your sales grow. Why? Collaboration with other online sellers gives several benefits to business owners, especially those new to the industry.

Among these are the free marketing you get and the increase in the number of website visitors, all of which lead to a higher conversion rate.

Invest in CRO-driven eCommerce Search Plugin

The first two eCommerce sales strategies we mentioned above are old-school trick that has helped many businesses over the years. They have a well-established track that ensures business owners yield an excellent profit.

But, as the world progresses and people start to discover online stores, as a business owner, you need to catch up with your competitors and ensure that you won’t be losing any of your customers. To do this, you must invest in CRO-driven eCommerce Search Plugins.

CRO, or what is commonly called Conversion Rate Optimization, is a critical process that every website must have. However, CROs are your back-end e-commerce sales strategies, and this cannot be attained if your web store doesn’t have an excellent search plugin. Why? Investing in CROs doesn’t make sense when your eCommerce sales strategies are not in sync.

Thus, before jumping into CROs, look for an eCommerce search plugin that will lead your website visitors and existing customers to buy your products. One good example of a Search Optimization Plugin that your website must have is the Expertrec Search Optimization Plugin.

Benefits of Expertrec Search Optimization Plugin

Expertrec offers excellent benefits to both the business owner and the customers. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Easy and Quick Setup
  • Ad-Free Searches
  • Voice Search Option
  • Accessibility
  • Available in more than 30+ Languages

In relation to owning an online store, the benefits listed above allow your business to grow more audience or customers. Plus, the voice search option is a great help to customers who want to avoid type search and typographical errors when searching.

Moreover, Expertrec can generate a quick result and it has an uptime of 99%. This means that your store can accommodate all the customer searches most of the time. Because of this, the site visitors, shoppers, and customers tend to stay and check out their carts.


The top 3 eCommerce sales strategies, if performed well, will surely increase your conversion and sales rate. You may also try other non-discounting ecommerce sales strategies like split testing, running through your check-out procedure and payment system, and by creating a sense of urgency. All of these minimize the chance of an unsuccessful checkout.


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