site search tracking google analytics

Site Search Tracking Google Analytics

Learn all about site search tracking in Google Analytics. Learn about: query and category parameters, GET and POST based search engines. Tracking site search on your website can deliver great insights into your customers’ minds. Fortunately, you can easily monitor your Magento search queries using Google analytics in a matter of a few minutes for free. Here are the steps to follow to track site search queries in Google analytics. A prerequisite is that you already have google analytics installed on your website.

site search tracking google analytics


Steps to enable Site Search Tracking Google Analytics

  1. Sign in to Google analytics
  2. Click on Admin.
  3. Click View search tracking google analytics
  4. Enable site search trackingsite search tracking google analytics
  5. Click save

Find your site search query parameter

Go to your Magento search and do a search and look at the URL. The term after “q” is your query parameter. This varies from site to site. Usually, in Magento sites, this is “q” if you are on the default Magento search. If you are using a search plugin, this could be different.

For example, if your search has the following URL pattern, Google will record the queries after q as the search query. So here. the query parameter is “q”.

You can also track categories in Magento. In the URL below the category parameter is “cat”.

If you are using some custom search extension, you can use the “strip query parameters out of URL” option.

You should be able to see site search queries in your account within a couple of days.

Viewing site search queries inside Google analytics:

  1. Sign in to Google analytics.
  2. Navigate to your view.
  3. Open Reports.
  4. Navigate to behavior->reports
site search tracking google analytics

Tracking site search queries using google analytics Benefits?

  • Find top searched queries.
  • Find top-searched categories.
  • Find commonly made spelling errors.
  • Measure search conversion rates.
  • Plan inventory stock.

Using Expertrec site search analytics

If you are not finding success using the above methods, or if you are looking for more detailed analytics, you could use expertrec’s custom search engine to get advanced search analytics and a faster search experience on your Magento store.

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