Microsoft Azure recommendations API (microsoft azure congnitive services) has been shut down as of Feb 15th 2018. If you have been using this service, you might be looking to replace your recommendation engine. Expertrec recommendation engine is a good alternative to microsoft azure recommendations.This article gives a brief on how to move to expertrec’s recommendation engine.

Azure recommendation API

About Expertrec-

Expertrec is a SAAS solution,similar to the microsoft cognitive services recommendations. Expertrec provides recommendations through a real time API. These recommendations can be consumed over desktop, mobile, call centres or in kiosks in your physical stores.

Azure recommendation API

How does Expertrec recommendation engine work?

Expertrec recommendation engine works by learning from user behavior across your website, mobile and other channels.

You have to add expertrec’s Javascript to your website. This Javascript learns from website user’s behavior and creates user profiles and product profiles that are merged to generate recommendations.

On a high level two types of recommendations are generated-

  1. Product to product/ Item to item recommendations (P2P)- This could be recommendations such as customers who viewed this item also viewed, similar products etc.
  2. User to product recommendations (U2P)- Recommended for you, recently viewed etc.

These recommendations evolve in real time for every individual customer browsing on your website applications.

High level architecture-

Azure recommendation API


Azure recommendation API


  1. Create an account at
  2. Add Javascript code to your website. (click here to get javascript code for your website)
  3. Upload your inventory in CSV / JSON format (If you have a feed link (google product feed), you can enter that link as well.
  4. Map your fields.
  5. Choose recommendations to be generated. ( VAV, similar products etc)
  6. Visit recommendations API page at ( )Azure recommendation APIAzure recommendation API
  7. Integrate to your website or apps.
  8. You could also choose for expertrec to build your UI. The Javascript code added will generate the recommendation widget on your website and mobile web.

To create your recommendation engine using expertrec, contact us here


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