Product Filter Plugin for Woocommerce

Product Filter Plugin for Woocommerce

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Product filters are used to filter the products on WooCommerce shop. Customers can filter and get the product exactly based on their needs at a quick time. In this article, we have listed the best WooCommerce Product Filter Plugin which you can use to add custom filters to your search results page.

Product Filter Plugin for Woocommerce

An average WooCommerce store can carry hundreds of inventory items and product variants. As a store owner, you might believe in offering the most to the visitors so that they find at least one (or more) items of interest and complete the transaction successfully.

However, think of it from the visitor’s perspective: who has time to browse through the long listings to find out the product they are looking for. For many visitors, it quicker to switch to another store rather than wading through a seemingly endless list of product variants.

This is where a simple WooCommerce product filter plugin adds great value to the overall user experience and allows the users to see a much shorter product listing.

Product Filter Plugin for Woocommerce from ExpertRec custom search engine

  • Go to
  • Enter your website URL and initiate a crawl.
  • Wait till all your site pages of your website have been crawled.
  • Download and install the WP fastest site search plugin from here.
  • Go to and copy your site ID.
  • Click on the site search icon in your WordPress admin panel.  Copy-paste your API key from inside your WordPress admin panel 
  • This plugin adds a better performing search form to your website.
  • Subscribe to a paid plan (9 USD per month).
  • That’s it, you have added a search form to your Woocommerce site.

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