Personalize the Shopper Experience

Personalize the Shopper Experience

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E-commerce business owners have a huge list of customers. So, knowing each one of them personally or by their faces is not possible. Given the whole transaction is online, there are no face-to-face interactions between the retailer and the customers. However, if you own an E-Commerce business, you may wonder if it’s possible to know your customers personally at all. 

To answer that question, yes it is indeed possible to be acquainted with them. When the experience is customized, it can be beneficial to your brand because it increases the chances of conversion. Personalization allows you to use the data that your customers provide to offer them with experience that they ask for. Nowadays in the competitive market, customers are more leaned towards some sort of personalized experience from any E-Commerce website. It is a challenge to keep up with the competitive market, price pressure, and discounts. Old strategies are not as useful as they were. So offering a personalized experience can be an important tool to improve your E-Commerce site.

What Is a Personalized Shopper Experience?

Personalized shopper experience is the way your customers respond to your brand’s services in accordance with their preferences. You can use an AI-powered tool that learns your customers’ preferences and behaviors, or it can be self-directed customization like tracking information, shipping options, and so on. As an E-Commerce store owner, you have countless opportunities to personalize the customer experience. Let’s find out some of the ways you can personalize your shopper experience. First, let’s discuss the need for personalization of the shopper experience. 

What is the Need to Personalize the Shopper Experience?

All eCommerce businesses are accessing various ways in which they can reach their customers quickly and promote their sales. During any offering period or sale, customers may receive countless emails and ads for products they may have no interest in purchasing. To connect to your customers based on their needs, you have to stand out. Personalization can be helpful when customers receive offers that are relevant to their preferences; research suggests that in these cases, the customers are willing to make a purchase. Buyers often get disappointed when brands don’t offer personalized experiences.

How Personalization Benefits Your E-Commerce Business :

  • Business strategies have evolved throughout recent years along with customer habits. The study suggests that above 50% of consumers expect some sort of personalized experience from all eCommerce websites. Sources also suggest that brands earn more from personalization. So customer experience improves through personalization.
  • When you enter personalization, you are aware of your shoppers’ preferences which helps you to provide rewards and offers to customers, it shows them that you care for your buyers which in turn will increase their loyalty towards your brand.
  • When your customers are loyal, they will purchase more than once, because personalization improves your customers’ trust in your website and thus increases the conversion rate.

How to Personalize the Shopper Experience?

  • Offering Personalized Recommendation 

Personalized recommendations might come useful when you surface a product that a particular customer wants to buy. You can add recommendations from the products that they recently viewed, suggest similar products based on their search results, recommend brands that they are interested in or if there are any particular offers or colors that they prefer. With this feature, your E-Commerce site learns more about your customers and improves the shopper experience.

  • Personalize Search Option

The search bar is always helpful for your ecommerce website. Offering personalization helps your site to identify your customers’ preferences, and that reflects on the search results as well. Personalized search means that every individual gets different search results based on their past searches and interests. When customers see that the results are giving them the exact products they are looking for, and they don’t have to search for it by scrolling through the website, that improves the shopper experience. 

  • Offer In-store Experience Online

Customers interact with their retailers in an in-store shop, they are familiar with each other and may even know by name. However, nobody expects this interaction for online retail. But offering a personalized experience to your customers like notifications, personalized emails, and so on may offer them a similar experience that they get from an offline store. 

  • Offer Personalized Emails

If you want to customize your customers’ buying process beyond the E-Commerce site, you might use personalized emails. Emails can range from cart abandoned reminders to even when a customer’s order is confirmed and finally when their order is shipped. Email personalization helps you to keep connected with your customers even after the purchase process; you can send them emails for various offers as well based on their interests. This can help you to convert more visitors into full-time buyers. 

  • Relevant Reviews

Many websites provide reviews by all customers, but those might not be helpful to each one of them. Some makeup brands offer relevant reviews that almost provide personalized recommendations, for example, a customer can buy an item that goes with their skin type and complexion, and that is exactly mentioned in the review to make it easy for them. Using this feature increases rates of return and customers can keep on purchasing if they get good and relevant products from the website due to the personalization of their shopping experience. Your customers may find these reviews trustworthy and they can show loyalty to your brand because of the experience that you provide. 

To Sum Up :

There’s a huge potential and a wide range of options if you want to personalize the shopper experience of your E-Commerce business. The revenue returns are higher, as studies suggest, for those who have entered personalization for their E-Commerce business. Some ways are listed above by which you can improve your shoppers’ experience. Make sure to understand what your customers are looking for to build a more interactive relationship with each customer. Due to the wide scope of personalization, you can focus on more than one to ensure an increase in conversion rates.

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