Magento 2 CMS Search

Magento 2 CMS Search

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Make the search process as easy as it can be with Expertrec Site Search. Help customers instantly find the products they need. Flexibly customize the autocomplete popup.

Magento 2 CMS Search
magento 2 cms search

This Search Autocomplete extension will help you expand Magento 2 default search functionality with new features specially developed to improve your store usability. Provide visitors with detailed search information based on products, categories, and CMS pages. Show recent and most popular search data and let shoppers add products to cart right from the autocomplete suggestion window.

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The module makes the searching process intuitive. The customer clicks on the search box and sees the popular and latest search requests. They start typing a request, and the module shows a popup with relevant search results by category or products. Customers can search for any product attribute, for example, color. This extension uses a MySQL engine to make the process fast and seamless.

Maximize profits by analyzing visitors’ recent activity and the data gained on the Search Analytics dashboard, including the next values: total searches, unique searches, the number of users, and users’ engagement. The Engagement statistics include the page jumps to Brands, Categories, Blog, CMS & Landing pages. Also, you have the ability to monitor customers’ recent activity, and the most wanted search terms via special grids in the backend.

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