Magento 2 search weight settings

Magento 2 search weight settings

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Using the Magento 2 search weights tool you can choose what feature of a product has more weightage in search.Magento 2 search weight settings

For example- If you give more weight to the brand than the product name, a search for  “Apple” would retrieve Apple brand products than products that have an apple in the product name.

Here are steps to enable Magento 2 attribute search weights-Magento 2 search weight settings

  1. Log in to your Magento 2 admin panel.
  2. Go to Store-> attributes->Product
  3. Click on the attribute you want to edit.
  4. Go to Attribute information->Storefront properties
  5. Toggle ” use in search ” to yes.
  6. Choose search weight (1-10). ( 1 is least, 10 is max)
  7. Click on the save attribute.

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