how to implement search in website

How to implement search in website

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Search is at the core of discovery. Providing your site-audience ability to search what they are looking for is one of the important aspects of a user-friendly website. Website navigation is the traditional way, but people are going to need a more intuitive way to find what they are looking for. And once they found needed information on what they are looking for, they visit your website repeatedly. Implementing an intelligent search engine is next only to SEO and if you have not implemented it yet, here are a few ways.

Implementing search using Expertrec-

  1. Go to website search creator.
  2. Enter your website URL.
  3. Enter your sitemap URL.
  4. Choose your nearest data center.
  5. Initiate website crawl.
  6. Add code to your website.
  7. Take to implement search in website

Search powered by Content Management System(CMS):

There are many advantages to use existing cms systems as they are easy to start with(less work from scratch) and better in Seo-friendly URLs, modularity, and extensibility, user-friendly etc. All these cms come up with search functionality to serve your website audience. Existing CMS solutions will serve a basic search functionality and may not cover advanced search features such as language context, misspelled queries, search speed etc. It may lack in providing intuitive experience to the users on your site.

Integrating Remote Search Providers:

This is also the easiest way to create a search for your website. You need to signup to the search service provider and they will power search for you. Then you add search to your pages and your site users will start using this tool. The type of catalog depends on what type of website you are running ex. e-commerce website, information blogs, traveling guide, restaurants menu etc. We at Expertrec provide one of the easiest search implementations which supports search integrations to the above types of websites. Expertrec provides numerous search features, search analytics, fast searching, ad-free, and more importantly easy setup/integration within 5-10 minutes.

Expertrec search products for existing CMS:

Many of the existing search engines allow creating custom search pages for your websites using their search catalog. Search results will be restricted to the pages of your site also. Expertrec provides such service also Google or MSN or Yahoo.

Implementing search from scratch:

If you want to implement your own search, you can start using python, java as there are existing modules for a specific task ex. indexing, suggestions, spell check handling etc. There are chances of marginal errors in building search from scratch due to the poor quality of code, non-continuous development, search volume grows etc. Webmasters should use other existing search providers in order to mitigate such errors and give a flawless search experience to users.

In Summary, Search functionality is at the center of this digital world. People are going to interact with your site and it should be easy to find what they are looking for in their terms, using different devices etc. This means your site should give an intuitive navigation experience to users and help them with an intelligent search engine. Creating a site search to provide the ability to your site audience with Expertrec is easy and Expertrec has proven search integrations.


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