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There-is-nothing-in-this-world-that-can-trouble-you-as-much-as-your-own-thoughts.-There-is-nothing-in-this-world-that-can-trouble-you-as-much-as-your-own-thoughts.Of all the organs in our body, the most complex one is our brain. It is the master control center of our body. It is way too complex than any neural network built by humans. The recent google voice duplex trying to talk like a human is vastly inferior to our human brain.

In this blog, I would like to mention few of the simple things we can do to improve our mental health.

Stress is a number one enemy of our brain. It is like forcing your muscle to work till it tears.

Some are simple attitude changes, some are changes to our lifestyle and some got to do with our food. I promise, all tips are easy to follow and wont burn a hole in your pocket.  Disclosure: There wont be any book or product sold in this article.

  • Acknowledge that you are getting stressed and it is unnecessary.
  • Acknowledging your stress can be the first step to coping with it; an equally vital step is seeking professional support, which might involve searching for “therapists near me” who can provide the tools and insights needed for long-term resilience.
  • You are much larger than the stress.  Your life is much bigger than the problems you face.
  • Every one goes through stress especially if they are growing.  It is how they manage or even take advantage of it that determines whom they become.

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Brain is connected with the external world through our senses and thoughts.  Some of the stress responses by our brain are totally unwarranted.  We can easily correct the inputs that our brain gets.

  • Taking Bath – Once for sure, twice if possible.
    • Taking bath – or the act of pouring water on your body – sends a calming signal to our brain.  It forces our brain to think about relaxing and move away from fight or flight thoughts.
  • Singing – or just humming
    • It doesnt matter if you are a stage singer or cant carry a tune.  Singing or just humming is a great way to tell your brain that you are in control and it can enjoy.  It also puts your breathing in a rhythm.  If no song comes to your mind, start listening to some songs you have heard when you were young and unstressed.  Your brain will be able to connect to the mood then and reset you back.  How simple, yes our life does have a reset switch.
  • Walking – Running – Playing
    • Any form of physical activity is very useful in sending a “accomplished” signal to your brain.  In a fight or flight mode, your body is itching to put all your energy on escaping the danger.  The problem is it never gets to do it, as there is no real danger and there is no physical way to get out of it.  When you do a good amount of physical activity, your brain gets tricked in to thinking that it has taken you safely out of danger.  Relax now ..
  • Deep breathing
    • Breathe all the way in and out.  It is a natural way of relaxing from stress.  Typically a 100 deep breathing is good to calm your mind.  Repeat it twice a day if you want.  If you use the asian finger counting method you can count till 144 easily with both your hands.
  • To be continued ..
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