google search results api

google search results api

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Google Suggest API method

To obtain up to 10 keyword results from Google, you can adopt the google_suggest_api method. Besides the results that will be suggested to you, HTML detailing of the words will be done. These are the words that are displayed in bold in the Google search.

google search results api

Google Search API

According to an open announcement made by Google, search API is an important SEO intelligence search API method. It is ensured by it that data is made available for Google which includes the localized versions.



Google Search

As you know that you cannot use a script or bot to crawl the search results on Google because Google may ban it. That is why Google search results API can also be done through the Google Custom Search API. On the other hand, the AJAX search API can be used to obtain the results from blogs, videos, books, and local businesses. 


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google search results api

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