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google search api autocomplete

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Google Search API autocomplete

Autocomplete is a well-known feature in the places library inside the maps JavaScript API. Talking about the search API autocomplete, it adds autocomplete functionality to the API searches.

Also, the autocomplete only works for those servers that can truly support it. You can even look at the videos on the Internet to see how to use the Google Search query suggestions or the autocomplete API using Python.


You can also enable or disable the autocomplete feature using the enable autocomplete attribute very easily. Google Analytics is one tool that can help you to keep track of autocomplete events.

The developers who initially invented the autocomplete API, later incorporated the autocomplete services. And this was independent of Google Search.


Google Search API autocomplete service makes the best attempt to predict a query. The search box customization alternatives in the custom search element are usually responsible for controlling the API.

Add Search with autocomplete in your website

For more information, click on this video: 

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google search api autocomplete

Add Search with autocomplete in your website

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