Read google image search by size missing for more information.

Google Image Search is a very old feature of Google which allows you to search for similar images with a different meaning or similar sizes. Google Image Search used to provide a neat and useful feature of searching images with specific sizes.

google images exact size broken

If you want any image with specific dimensions like, if you provide height and width of the image, Google will provide you with all the images with that specific size. This feature is useful when searching for specific images for any use. What if this feature gets missing?

In Past, Google had removed this feature for certain reasons. So, what we should do in such situations?

Google image search by size missing

Google provides search by size with several options in a range of size, like Large/Medium/Small/icon. We need to opt for either of the options in such situations. Google purposefully removes this feature, for making some updates in the feature and making it easier to use and helpful for most people. If a user complains or reports to Google, they sincerely reply with a valid reason every time. In the past, this feature went missing 2 to 3 times in June 2011 and Nov 2012, both the time’s google replied with valid reasons.

 Google Image Search

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