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Learn About Google Custom Search Magento 2 Extension

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Google Custom Search is a way to add the Google Search Box in your website. This custom search creates a special search for you based on the topic which is provided by the developer. By adding this into your site, your website becomes more Search Engine Friendly and can perform better on SEO. In this article, we will cover details of Google Custom Search Magento 2 Extension.

Google Search Engine

To implement this feature in Magento Framework which is used to develop websites, you will need a plugin called Google Custom Search which is very easy to install and use. WIth the Google Custom Search Magento 2 Extension plugin you will be able to rank your site better and reduce the bounce rate of your store. The plugin will use Google’s Search Algorithm to search for the content provided by the user.


The only requirement to use the Google Custom Search Magento 2 Extension is to have a Google Custom Search Account which can be made from here.

Here are the features of the Extension

Google Custom Search Integration – Magento 2 Extension

Learn more about Google Custom Search through the video

YouTube video


An easy way to do this is to use the Expertrec Site Search Module.

Expertrec Site Search extension adds fast search autocomplete, spell correct and instant search results page with facets and filters that help user’s find products through the search bar much faster. Search results show up for every search keystroke that the user enters into the search bar. The extension can be used if you want to add a visual search experience to the default Magento search.

  • Super fast search – With Expertrec Site Search, search results show up as soon as the user types in the first search character. There is no delay due to our low latency serving systems at the backend.
  • Spell correct– Don’t worry about users making spelling errors. Our search engine automatically corrects them to the nearest product match.
  • Product images in search– Give a visual search experience to your site search users. Expertrec Site Search extension shows search results alongside product matches in the search UI.
  • Facets and filtering- Users can use the facets and filters feature to further drill down and find the product that they have in mind with ease.
  • 99.9% Uptime- We promise 99.99% uptime for our Expertrec Site Search extension.
  • Search analytics- Get insights into what people are searching for in your site. Statistics such as top search queries, zero-result queries are published in your Expertrec control panel.
  • Real-time inventory sync- our extension syncs with your Magento store in real-time so that the products in your website sync with the search engine.
  • Support- our support team works around the clock to solve your search related queries.

    Install expertrec magento site search extension

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