In this article, you will learn how to evaluate an ecommerce search engine. Ecommerce search engines in 2020 have pretty much evolved a lot and have a lot of features that are optimized for sales. If you are in the look for an ecommerce search engine in the market, you might be bombarded with a lot of options. The following test will help you narrow down on the best ecommerce search engine.

ecommerce search engines

Ecommerce search engine


Have a list of target keywords such as “iphone”, “iphone cable”, “Thinkpad” etc that you will test each of your target search engines with. Have a score of 1-5 to rate each of them. Keep increasing your target keyword list if you find that most search engines have a similar performance.

Spelling Errors

This is the most important test. Make spelling errors and see if the search engines retrieve the right products. This could include words such as ipone, smsng and similar errors.


A good ecommerce search engine allows customers to sort search results by price, relevance, ratings and relevance. The filters will allow the customers to refine products by category, brand, ratings and more. Advanced search engines will be able to populate relevant categories based on the search term.


When you search for “couch” if there are not enough exact text matches, the search engine should also populate results related to sofas. Most ecommerce search engines have a provision inside their control panel to do this.

NLP Queries

NLP queries are queries such as “shirts less than 25$” and “shirts for halloween”. Such queries are made by everyday customers and not every ecommerce search engine can handle such queris.

No results found

Good eCommerce search engines provide alternative options when no results are found. If a search engine doesn’t show any alternative options, it scores pretty low for this test.


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