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Drupal search

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Drupal has a default search engine that offers certain basic search features that needs a lot of improvement. Expertrec has built a drupal search engine that adds extra functionalities to the default drupal search. Here is a list of the extra features that expertrec adds.

Drupal search


How to create a Drupal search engine?

In this method, we will create a drupal search using expertrec and add it to your Drupal site using the Google tag manager drupal plugin.

Creating a drupal search using expertrec

  1. Go to drupal search creator.
  2. Sign up with your Gmail id.
  3. Enter your drupal website and sitemap URL.
  4. Crawl of your website will start.
  5. Once the crawl completes. go to the code section and copy the code.
  6. You can as well check the demo of how your Drupal search will work.

Adding the search engine using Google tag manager

  1. Install the google tag manager extension for drupal.
  2. Once you install, go to General-> Container ID-> and add your google tag manager ID to it. Google tag manager lets you add and manage multiple code to your website and choose how to fire each of them.Google tag manager ID drupal
  3. Go to drupal search code and add the first part of the code (the code that begins with <script>) to your google tag manager as a custom HTML.drupal search
  4. Under triggers, set it to all pages where you want the search engine to be displayed.
  5. In your Drupal admin panel, go to Structure-> Block layout-> Header ->Place block-> Add custom block-> click on source and enter the following code. (choose text format as full HTML). This places the search box in your Drupal header.
    1. <ci-search></ci-search>

      drupal block

  6. The drupal search will look similar to the image below. Drupal search


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