Best Search Engines for Ecommerce

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With more and more customers shopping online, it has become imperative for eCommerce businesses to implement a powerful yet user-friendly search feature on their websites. An effective search helps visitors find relevant products quickly and easily, leading to higher conversion rates. Here, we will discuss some of the top search engine options that can be integrated to provide an optimized search experience for eCommerce sites.


Expertrec’s plug-and-play custom search engine can help businesses deliver a Google-like search experience on their websites with best-in-class machine learning capabilities. There is no need for manually tuning search relevance or worrying about speed. Just including their JavaScript code lets machines do all the magic behind the scenes. It supports AI features like autosuggest, synonyms, semantic search and personalization. Powerful APIs, along with the web dashboard for analytics, abandoning parameters and configurations, make Expertrec a full-fledged search optimization solution for any eCommerce website. Expertrec has been used by many successful eCommerce businesses to increase sales and improve customer engagement.

Google Custom Search

As the world’s most popular general search engine, Google Custom Search allows the creation of customized search boxes for websites. With Google’s powerful algorithms and massive index, it ensures comprehensive and accurate results. Setting it up involves just inserting a code snippet. Google automatically crawls the website and indexes content. However, unlike other specialized engines, it does not allow customizable ranking and requires sending traffic to Google for processing queries.


Swiftype provides an AI-powered custom search specifically built for modern websites and apps. It allows extensive ranking customisation, from configuring priority filters and ranking rules to machine learning models. Advanced features like autosuggest, result snippets, mean, spellcheck, etc., deliver a delightful search experience to users. With an intuitive backend for organizing data, creating FAQs and navigating search performance, Swiftype empowers complete control over search optimization. The free plan supports up to 500 pages, while paid tiers are affordable.


As a leader in full-text search-as-a-service, Algolia supports indexing billions of records within milliseconds. It allows searching across structured and unstructured content, like products, customers, etc., on an eCommerce site. Configuring ranking rules, synonym management and autosuggestions helps deliver the most relevant results. Algolia also provides powerful APIs for search filters, personalization and advanced aggregations. While the free tier supports limited usage, the pricing is very reasonable according to business needs. With a focus on speed, quality and ease of use, Algolia is immensely scalable.


Coveo brings the power of AI and machine learning to deliver personalized searches. Its cognitive search expertise understands user intent from ambiguous queries to return exactly the right results. Marketers can optimize experience and recommendations. Advanced capabilities like summarization, question answering and multi-perceiving information promote discoverability and conversion. Coveo works with product catalogues, websites, documents, emails and more to build virtual knowledge bases and insight platforms with unified access. Expressive APIs enable quick integrations. While pricier, its full-stack solution is extremely capable.

Site Search Express

An end-to-end search platform from Anthropic that excels at natural language processing. Site Search Express understands semantics to solve synonyms, hierarchical relationships and other complexities. AI suggestions make it convenient for users to find what they need with fewer searches. With features like personalization, geospatial search, faceted navigation and Dynamic Merchandising through APIs and web widgets, it helps improve customer experience deeply. The self-hosted cloud solution is competitively priced, and even the free plan is quite generous for smaller businesses.


A leader in open-source search and analytics, Elasticsearch allows the building of flexible and scalable search solutions. For eCommerce sites, it can handle a huge product catalogue and complex search requirements with easy sharding and clustering. Features like result ranking, faceted navigation, geospatial search and real-time analytics empower delivering enriched customer experiences. However, Elasticsearch requires substantial technical expertise to set up, configure plugins, master data ingestion, and optimize scalability. While powerful, it needs development resources for implementation and ongoing maintenance, unlike the abovementioned options.


In this digital era, search is a key driver of online commerce. Having an accurate and intuitive search functionality is imperative for eCommerce sites to provide their customers with the best online shopping experience. From the various search engines discussed above, Expertrec stands out as a compelling all-in-one solution to implement an efficient search engine without heavy reliance on technical skills. With its plug-and-play system, even smaller businesses with limited resources can deploy a powerful search optimized by machine learning within minutes. For growing eCommerce companies, its scalable architecture and APIs also ensure the search solution stays future-proof as needs expand. Expertrec’s reasonable pricing completes the package of an easy-to-use yet robust search optimization tool.

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