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Woocommerce search is a plugin for woocommerce sites that are looking to improve their site search functionality. The default search in woocommerce lacks functionalities such as Autocomplete, spell correct, voice search, and more. In this guide, we will see how to create a woocommerce search engine.

Desirable features in Woocommerce search

  1. Autocomplete/ Typeahead.
  2. Spell correct.
  3. Images in search results.
  4. Voice search.
  5. Categories, filters, and facets.
  6. Custom fields search.
  7. Custom Taxonomies search.
  8. Search by Product brand.
  9. Out of stock search capabilities.
  10. Featured products pinning in search
  11. Stop words.
  12. Synonyms.
  13. Real-time product sync.

woocommerce search

Woocommerce search sitemap

It is a good practice to create a woocommerce sitemap that has a list of all your products. This is to ensure that all your products get indexed. It is also good for SEO purposes since search engines will crawl your products faster. There are free plugins like Yoast which will help in creating a product sitemap for your woocommerce site.

How to create a woocommerce search engine

  1. Sign up at woocommerce search engine.
  2. Choose your nearest data center.
  3. Enter your product sitemap URL.
  4. Now the search engine crawler will begin crawling your website.
  5. Go to Crawl-> what to crawl-> SitemapCrawl-> what to crawl-> Sitemap and remove unnecessary sitemap URLs. Also, enable crawl only sitemap.
  6. Go to Install-> code and copy-paste the code to the head section of your woo-commerce website.
  7. You can now replace your existing woo-commerce search form with this code by replacing the code in your Woocommerce searchform.php file with this code. woocommerce search

You can also use the WP Fastest site search plugin for creating a woocommerce search engine.

WP Fastest Site Search

Get the Wordpress Plugin



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