Why you should be using Woocommerce?

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Woocommerce is an open-source Content Management System optimized for creative websites like eCommerce stores, blogs, and forums. WordPress CRM helps create, edit, organize and publish content on the web. Hence, you don’t need to be a coder or hire any programmer before you can develop a standard Woocommerce website.

Introduction To Woocommerce

Woocommerce is an online eCommerce store set up and built on WordPress CMS. With the WordPress CMS, you can easily develop an eCommerce website. You can achieve this by installing some eCommerce Themes or Plugins on your eCommerce website.

When choosing WordPress for your eCommerce, you need to be careful of these two “WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.com is a hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform created by Automatic, where you can build a website using the WordPress building blocks. With WordPress.com, you can easily create a free account and develop your website. However, you may need to pay for several unique features. And it is less appealing for building an eCommerce website.

WordPress.org, on the other hand, is an open-source CRM software where you can download and install WordPress on your personalized hosting – mostly on third-party platforms like Namecheap, GoDaddy, BlueHost, and other hosting companies. After the installation, you will be able to install any WordPress themes of your choice and some plugins for effective customization. Many of these themes have premium versions. And they free unlimited customer services for their premium users.

Why Woocommerce?

WooCommerce Wordpress

Over the past few years, WordPress has evolved from a simple blogging and publishing tool into an all-around comprehensive platform where you can build business websites and eCommerce stores. The beauty of WordPress for building a store, brand, business, or opening up a gallery website is endless. It is awesome for creating a customizable eCommerce website. Ecommerce refers to selling and buying goods or services via the internet.

Today, thousands of stores sell products online to millions and billions of people. You can easily customize your WordPress website with some unique plugins like Elementor pro, Thrive Architect, and others. This makes WordPress perfect for building a Woocommerce website.

WordPress has many unique features that make it possible for anyone to build a Woocommerce site from anywhere. In addition, WordPress is easy to use, and it doesn’t require a large budget to create an e-commerce site.

In the early years, e-commerce websites were costly, difficult, and time-consuming to create but not anymore. Presently, Woocommerce has come in with a solution for selling products quickly from your website. With the inception of Woocommerce, anyone who owns a brand, store, or business can sell physical and digital products online. So it doesn’t matter if you are using it to build a small or large business. The Woocommerce store comes in handy for everyone.

Reasons You Should Use WooCommerce store

1. It offers plugins to extend Ecommerce functionality

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Independently, WordPress is software where you build your website or blog. Plugins are smaller bits of software that add new features or expand functionality on an existing application. They serve many useful purposes for both business owners and site visitors. For example, plugins are very important to a WordPress e-commerce site.

However, you can utilize your website fully and add the option of selling your products or service directly from your website.

WordPress offers various eCommerce-focused plugins you need to build and run an online store or any service on your site.

There are tons of Woocommerce plugins. In this article, we will emphasize a few most popular ones;

2. Woocommerce has unlimited theme options

ecommerce themes

One of the amazing things about Woocommerce is the unlimited variety of themes.

“Theme” is a tool used to change the layout and design of your website. It customizes your site styling, color, typography, and other design features.

Theme options for Woocommerce are important because it controls how your site appears to your website visitors.

A variety of themes are available, which you can use to add e-commerce features to your site. WordPress has over 9,000 themes available for your site, and over 1,200 of these themes are developed mainly for e-commerce.

However, when choosing a theme, it’s important to choose those that have all the design features needed for your store or brand. With so many options available, selecting a theme that fits your brand’s style or needs is one of the biggest decisions you make about your site, alongside choosing a plugin.

Additionally, these themes provide responsive design and a user-friendly interface where users will have a great experience on your site.

3. Woocommerce is SEO friendly.

SEO is one of the major catches for building a website on WordPress. WordPress website architect is generally great for search engines. This makes them come in handy when optimizing your Woocommerce site for SEO.

Visibility holds a promising future for your brand or business. You are working on how to get your eCommerce business to rank higher on search engines. Woocommerce will make your website rank easily on search engines. You will also need to incorporate SEO Best Practices. You can use SEO plugins like RankMath, Yoast SEO, and others to make your work easier and more efficient.

4. It can be easily Customized.

You can easily customize your Woocommerce website with third-party software like Expertrec. Expertrec is an intelligent smart search that makes it easy for you to customize your eCommerce website search bar and make it faster and more appealing. It also helps you boost conversion. In cases where customers spell the product they are searching for wrongly, Expertrec search compatible with all Woocommerce sites will filter the product out.


If you’re thinking about creating an online business or brand, there’s no better time to start than now. Woocommerce offers flexible customization options, which is one of its best features.


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