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Xamarin.Forms is a platform that enables users to build native User Interfaces for iOS, Android and Windows-based mobile phones from a single, shared C# code in Visual Studio. To make the user interfaces native, the Xamarin platform offers more than 40 cross-platform controls and layouts. These layouts are mapped to native controls at runtime.

These days, speech recognition or speech to text is one of the most common features used in different mobile apps. However, adding a voice search feature on a native framework may be comparatively easier than doing so on a cross-platform framework such as Xamarin.


In order to add the feature of voice search in Xamarin forms, developers can either opt for third-party libraries or work on the default SDK available. Google and Apple provide libraries for Speech-to-text, in both Android and iOS, which can be used for free. The default speech recognizer service for iOS SDK is SFSpeechRecognizer. And, the default speech recognizer service for Android SDK is RecognizerIntent.

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