Expertrec search engine ranking

Search Ranking determines the ranking of individual document in the results. The top scored document or article will be first in the results shown to the user. Every document indexed will have the data(value) inside fields(keys). When user enters search query, Expertrec finds the documents based on the matching query terms inside documents. You can control the search results by modifying matching logic or defining boost etc. Expertrec supports fine tuning of search results based on below features:

1. Search Weights:

Every document has field and associated data inside that field as key/value pairs. When user enters search query, by default all the fields are considered and scores are calculated by Expertrec’s algorithm and then top results are given. You can define the order of match by adjusting weights in your controlpanel. Read More explains this in detail.

2. Synonyms

Synonyms feature allows relation between two query terms. By defining synonyms, you can control behavior of the alternate query entered by users and treat it as the desired query or a parallel query. When your site is searched globally, search queries will have effect of  user’s country, user’s language, transliteration etc. , so its a beneficial to have this handy feature. Read More explains this in detail.

3. Boost Fields

Boost fields let you modify the score of a document for a particular query, so that those documents will be shown to user on top or moved to later pages in the results shown to user. Expertrec allows you to define boost on a field for a specific value or group of values. Read More for this in detail.

4. Filter Fields

Filter fields let you apply filter while searching indexed documents. Filter fields are defined per query and filter can be a condition or an expression which every document shown to user follows. Read More for this in detail.


5. search Highlighting

When results are retrieved, the matching query terms in results can be shown highlighted. By default “title”, “url”, “content” will be shown with highlighting. Read More for this in detail.