Wordpress Search Very Slow

Wordpress Search Very Slow

Read this blog on Wordpress search very slow for more information. Google does not use PHP to build its search.  PHP though a great language has its own limitations.  For a faster search, you got to go to native hosted solutions.  It will cost you a little money, but your users would thank you for […]

Wordpress Search Widget Change Placeholder

Wordpress Search Widget Change Placeholder

Read this blog on Wordpress search widget change placeholderfor more information. By default, if you are going to change the text of your search form in WordPress, we would recommend using a search plugin such as WP fastest site search. However, if you want more control or rather use code you can hook into the theme’s […]

Wordpress search not working- How to fix in 5 minutes!

Wordpress search not working. How to fix in 5 min.

  In this article, we will discuss how to fix the WordPress search not working issue without writing any code. We will go over them in the most likely problem order. Keep skipping to the next block if you don’t have a particular type of problem. Solve your WordPress search not working issue with the WP Fastest site […]

Wordpress admin toolbar missing – How to fix?

WordPress admin toolbar missing – How to fix?

Fixing Missing WordPress Admin Toolbar: Troubleshooting GuideSometimes you wordpress admin tool bar could be missing from your home page or other blog pages. Here are steps to fix this issue- Quick Fix Enable toolbar from admin panel- Go to Wordpress admin panel-> Click on Users-> select a user-> Enable “show toolbar when viewing site”

Wordpress Search Dropdown Plugin

Wordpress Search Dropdown Plugin

There are a lot of plugins that include some sort of select/option drop-down menu. Some of these plugins only have a handful of options to choose from, so leaving them as a pull-down menu is probably fine. Other plugins can potentially have a lot of options (think of a list of site users, posts, or […]

How To Protect Wordpress Search From CSRF?

How To Protect Wordpress Search From CSRF

In this article, we will learn about Wordpress Search From CSRF. The CSRF WordPress attack is a bit complicated to understand, but we break it down as much as possible. A website that has user subscriptions, members, or logins, each user has the privilege of logging into their own account on the site. For example, an […]

Wordpress Search Form Change Placeholder

wordpress search form change placeholder

Read Wordpress search form change placeholder for more information. When it comes to optimizing user experience on your WordPress website, every detail counts. Customizing the placeholder text in your search forms is a subtle yet effective way to enhance user interaction and guide them seamlessly through your site. In this guide, we’ll delve deeper into […]

Create a Wordpress Search Autocomplete

Wordpress Search Widget Change Placeholder

Create a WordPress search Autocomplete with the WP Fastest site search plugin. WP Fastest Site Search Install WP fastest site search plugin from WordPress plugin store. Go to https://cse.expertrec.com/newuser?platform=wordpress. Enter your WordPress website URL and click on next-> The crawl will start in the background. Login to your WordPress admin panel. In your left panel […]

How to add voice search to Wordpress

wordpress voice search

Want to add voice search capabilities in WordPress? Here’s how to add a voice search to your site using ExpertRec’s voice search plugin. Adding voice search capabilities to your WordPress site is easy with ExpertRec custom search engine. ExpertRec’s voice search for sites usually recognizes the user’s voice and translates them to search results within […]